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I was having writer's block writing this chapter because i didn't know what i wanted to have happen so sorry it took a while

Last call for baby names i really need some ideas so please comment boy an girl names and middle names please! !!!!!!


When i answered that phone my heart dropped so now i know their still alive who ever did this is gonna die for takin my kids and almost killing my baby (Destiny) all that's been on my mind is destiny's health an how mia's bithday is tomorrow .

mama says sorry everyday and 15 times a day but its not her fault when i get my girls back we gettin the fuck out of this town after i find the people that took them.

Right now me Lamar and jayD are getting stuff for the babies room we decided on pink white and green for the colors we found every little thing that was pink white and green and bought it .

From the bouncer to the crib to stickers to spell out her name Lamar insisted on doing the whole nursery on his own so im gonna let him i need to pack my hospital bag and hers when we got back to the house he started right away and i went to my room with jayD right behind me.

Me: you gonna help me

I said helping him on the bed he nodded but had his face stuck to my phone playing a game he just downloaded i got my duffel bag and started packing i put some black leggings and a sweat shirt because i checked and its gonna be cold and my Jordan's to match.

I put some hair stuff for me and the baby i hope she comes out with hair i got my toothbrush and toothpaste then i got my bra an underwear.  I went to the bag of stuff we just got and started on her duffle bag i put some socks and a pink long sleeve onesie with green letters that said little sister and a pink white an green tutu it was cute

I got a head band to match i put a pacifier in there but i dont want her to get started with that and that was her going home outfit. I put some onesies and leggings and outfits because i didn't know what i wanted her to wear when shes first born i sat the bags in the closet .

Me: thanks for the help jayden

JayD: anytime

I smiled and shook my head i went to the baby's room and seen more people i didn't even hear anybody come in the painting was almost done and it looked so cute i went downstairs and Lamar was in the living room putting the crib together.

I sat on the couch while he was on the floor

Me: am i off lock down

Lamar: i dont need nothin happenin to you or the baby and you 9 months you can wait

Me: but ima be in the house after i have the baby

Lamar:  you already had yo little freedom when you left to get ice cream

I signed and rolled my eyes i layed on the couch and flipped threw channels and rubbed my belly.


Don't think im not tryin to find my nieces cause i am when Lamar not here i am and we go back and fourth cause we have families and lay 9 months pregnant.

Now that lay know Zarea did it she a dead man walkin lay anit never kilt nobody but when it comes to her kids it's a different story.

Yea i know what he do and i know lay dont know but it's not my place to tell her so ima let him do it. Since we all know Zarea took em and had somethin to do with it i tracked her ass down on my own cause them niggas is dumb.

She in Chicago wit dj so thats where im goin i told the boys and they comin i went home and told tiff an she was ok with it cause it was about the girls yes i still ask her to go places not every where just some places because im tryna get her back. i packed my bags in the car and drove to the spot we meetin and called Lamar.

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