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2 days later

Lay's p.o.v

Today's my court date i got in trouble yesterday i hope it doesn't interfere with me gettin out of here. I tried to get myself together an look a little descent the jail did somethin to me im not myself.

I sat on my bed looking at my kids picture smiling they then they opened my cell i hopped down and walked out with the picture of my kids in my hand i had to hide it because they would take it from me they hand cuffed me and put shackles on my feet and walked me to the court room.

I seen jay and tiff and they boys but not my kids or dj not even mama B i wonder why .

Judge: latoya Jackson im judge anderson i read your file so i already know what's going on so let's get started

30 minutes later

(Latoya' s attorney) - ms.Jackson sent the father a text saying she had the little boy she was doing the right thing she didnt want him to see his parents arguing.

Judge anderson: do you have proof

Latoya's attorney: yes i have the footage and text messages

The judge put his hand out my attorney pulled out a paper and a cd an gave it to the officer an he gave it to the judge 1st he read over the text messages than they played the video.

You could hear them arguing an see me walking out the house with Khalid an me putting him in my car an me getting on my phone an driving away. They stopped the video and took it out.

Judge: Ms.jackson what is that

I was confused i made a face an started looking around me

Me: whats what

Judge: in your jump suit

I looked at my jump suit but i didnt see anything a office came an checked me she pulled out the picture of the girls . Fuck i said to myself .

Me: that's a picture of my kids sir

Judge: well seeing how your not supposed to have anything when you walk into the court room there is no evidence that you did anything wrong and as i parent myself i can tell you miss your kids. ......... ms.Jackson it's your lucky day your free to go

I broke down crying the tears wouldn't stop i turned around to see tiff crying to jay smiled at me i couldn't help but to smile back they took me back to my cell i got my stuff i had in there then they gave me my clothes i put them on and grabbed all my stuff some of the jail mate's told me bye.

They took me to the front an i seen tiff the twins and jay i hugged all of them, they took my to house i seen my car still in the drive way i walked in my house it all looked the same i took a long bath and washed my hair l put on some jeans an a tank top and a sweat shirt

I put on my shoes and grabbed my keys i went to my car and drove to Dj's house but nobody was there so i drove to Trey's house and he wasn't there i only know one more place and thats the trap i drove there and just walked in i walked to where rose office was.

Me: heyy rose

Rose: oh my gosh Latoya i haven't seen you in forever

Me: ik i was locked up

Rose: really ? Why

Me: some bull shit but i need yu to do a big favor for me

Rose: anything

Me: can you tell me where dj is and where star is

Rose: yea just give a minute

Me: ok ..... so how's your son

Rose: he's good but bad as hell ...... dj is at a restaurant and rose is at the mall

Me: ok thanks rose

Rose: no problem

I walked to my car 1st stop the mall . When i got there she was just walking out i parked and walked to her car as i pulled up my hood after she put all her bags in the car i was standing there.

Me: Star

I simi yelled she turned around and her eye's got big

Star: i thought you were locked up

Me: well im out bitch

Star: look Latoya I'm sorry i didn't mean to get you locked up

Me: its to late for apologizing

I walked towards her and she tried to Get in her car i grabbed her an turned her to face me an punched her in her face she fell on the ground i got on top of her and started punching her in her face till her eye was black and her nose was bleeding.

I got off her and stumped on her face.

Me: that was for my kids don't fuck with me star

I got in my car and drove to the restaurant i knew exactly which one he was at when i pulled up i walked in and stated looking around but wanted to make sure Dj didn't see me i kept looking but didnt see them i looked around one more time them seen mia and Destiny my eyes watered i stood there looking at them hoping one of them would look over

Finally mia did she looked happy and she looked like she wanted to cry she said something to dj then her and destiny got up 1st there 8 and 2 why are they letting them walk by there self. While they were walking towards me i walked behind the Conner so dj wouldn't see me . Mia and Destiny ran to me i hugged them and and we all cried together. I pulled away and wiped their tears

Me: it's gonna be ok im never leaving you guys again i promise

They smiled i picked up Destiny and grabbed mia's hand i looked around the Conner an they where still sitting there i shook my head then walked out i strapped them in the car and drove to our house i put them in the bath and washed their hair mia got her self dressed and i got mia dressed they got in my bed i texted dj and told him i had the girls and he better be be ready to go to court if i decide to.

We all got close together and fell asleep.

Dj's p.o.v

I got Latoya's text and instantly got mad

Zarea: whats wrong

Me: lay got they girls an she sayin she might take me to court

Zarea: that's good now it can finally be us

Me: but she tryna take me to court

Zarea: well we can take care of that when it happens you wanted a new start right well you can have one me and no kids

I rubbed my hands over my face and signed

Me: ig

-sorry for mistakes

- she got out

-She beat stars ass

-She got the girls back

-Dj doesnt care

-Tiff the twins and jay are on her side

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