Life changing

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ok so i forgot about today's update but the days not over yet so here it is sorry for the wait

one week later

(picture of lay on the side)

lay's p.o.v

so dj said he was sorry we talked an were cool. i been gettin a feeling like somebody been watching me but idk i might just be trippin an if your wondering who i fought it was mia's brothers mom remember the one from the store yea her so mia haven't seen him an she doesn't want to i asked for so its not like im keeping them apart.

i was holding jayden in my lap when there was a knock on the door i got up an opened the door a lady in a black suit an a brief case she was white an her hair was down she looked about in her 30's.

i looked at her crazy

me:can i help you

"um yes in Stephanie im a case worker may i come in"

me:ah sure

i moved an let her in she looked around before she sat down i sat on the opposite couch

Stephanie: ok i know your confused about why in here well we had somebody follow you for the last week. we know your not his real mother an his real mother wants him back an we have on record that you an your partner have been arguing an that you been in a fight an that is not good. we have been talking to his real mother an she has her stuff together an would like him back an judging on how you were last week we have no reason to believe that you dont do that all the time.

you have a court date scheduled to sign over your rights an you can keep him untill then im so sorry.

i couldn't believe what i was hearing i was in tears my son my only son it getting takin away from me. the fight happened because a girl was bein mad disrespectful. an if your wondering who i fought it was mia's brothers mom remember the one from the store yea her so mia haven't seen him an she doesn't want to i asked for so its not like im keeping them apart.

she gave me a paper an left i just kept crying i dont know what to do i cant loss him.

dj's p.o.v

i heard someone knock on the door but i knew lay was down there so i just stayed upstairs. then i heard her crying i ran down stairs an she was on the ground crying her eyes out i went to her a picked her up she wrapped her arms around my neck an kept crying

i sat on the couch with her on me lap.

me:what's wrong lay

she handed me a paper an i read it an i couldn't believe it.

the court date was scheduled for next week i only get a week to spend with my son i wanted to cry but i know i have to stay strong for lay.

lay's p.o.v

i dont know if i should try to do everything i can while i can or just keep doing normally stuff because if i do everything fun an friday come an it just stopped idk what to do at times like this im glad im not pregnant it would be way to much stress.

and i dont know how im gonna explain this to mia an Destiny i wish i didnt have to the only reason why i wanna be on this earth right now is because of my daughter's. i cant loss my son but i dont think these anything i can do about it ig ill just do all i can while hes still in my life.

why me god why me i dont understand why would you take my son away i dont know what i did.

i cant deal with this.

tiff's p.o.v

jay had the kids an i was bored so i went to lay's house i knocked on the door an dj answered an he looked so sad i gave him that what happen look an he just walked away. i walked in an dj an lay were on the couch just hugging


she lifted her head an the look on her face wanted to make me cry with her i knew something was real wrong.

me:latoya what happen

i said going over to her an sitting on the floor in front of her she just looked at me than start crying an layed her head back on dj an he rubbed her back.

me:dj what happen

i said on the verge of tears i hate seeing my bestfriend like this dj handed me a piece of paper when i was have was threw i just started crying i felt like it was happening to me. jayden is my god son i cant believe this.

me:im so sorry latoya

i said hugging her she let go of dj ah hugged me back tight.

me:it will be alright it will work out i promise

i said crying my eyes out it wo....wont

she said trying to get her words out

me:yes it will i promise just take me word for it

i said lifting her head up an looked in her eyes she shook her head no an i just hugged her again.

jayden: mommy,mommy

jayden said running in the living room laughing lay lifted up her head

lay:i can't believe i only have a week left of hearing that from him

she said not taking her eyes off him he climbed om her lap an he wiped her tears

jayden:no cry mommy

she chuckled

lay:ok no cry

she said wiping the rest of her tears an hugging him i know this is gonna be hard for all of us

lay:i love you jayden

jayden:i wuv you mommy

he said with a big smile 

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