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Months later

Tiff's p.o.v

Laying in the hospital bed been here for months i just been gettin worse an i know im dying....... i wrote me will.

Marco has been here for me threw everything jay wont answer his phone to even know what's goin on nobody knows but marco he keeps the kids i told everybody i was going on vacation so they wouldnt call me or want to hang out. I feel bad for not telling lay or mama but i just can't.

My hair is slowly fallin out an that shit makin me cry i got hair down my back an the shit wanna fall out. An to add i look bad my eyes change colors an my skin is pale my hair not done.

I haven't been coughing up blood so i hope thats a sign im getting better hopefully all i can do right now is hope an pray i need to be here for my kids.

Lay's p.o.v

If your someones real best friend you know everything even if they dont tell you an ik tiff has cancer and even though i have kids im still tryin to get back an takin care or ones wit me ima take the girls if anything happens its only right i know she would do it for me.

I know she dont want me to know but i found out anyway and some days marco brings the girls to me an i watch them an take them places. He didn't tell me when i asked him he would deny it or not say nothin but when he found out i knew i told him to start bringin the girls over so he did.

I been thinkin if i should pop up at the hospital or just not go if i go she'll be real surprised an if i dont go an she found out i know she would be mad. An don't get me started on jay if i ever see him he gon wish i hadn't.

He been all over the world doin dumb shit ima beat his ass. I know tiff been callin him an i know he been ignorin her so he really gon get him ass beat.

Lalanii gettin big she still little thought jayD always play wit her an what i know yall been waitin for an update on me an dj well.............. were together but we takin it slow.

Jay's p.o.v

I been in these streets ... all over makin money wit no worries tiff been callin but fuck that she messed what we had up i been talkin to this girl for a while an shit i might even ask her to be my girl.

I got my own house an my own car im straight. I haven't seen the twins but they probably callin that nigga dad now so fuck it. I miss them an lalanii but im to up on my game to fall again.

I just cant do it an im not maybe down the rode i will come around again but i need time to myself an im enjoyin it.

Comment if your still reading i know its been a LONG time. Maybe to long but i wanna know who's still with me ....i know i always give yall excuses of why id update but yall probably don't wanna hear it so im just not gonna tell you but ima gonna finsih this book an start another one

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