1st time

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Lay's p.o.v

I like lamar and everything but since im pregnant and the baby is not his i think im just gonna be single and maybe later in life we can get together or something idk but he probably wont want to be with me because of the baby but there's nothing i can do and im not getting a abortion and giving him/her up for adoption.

That wont never be a option and im not telling dj what good is it if he knows he doesn't care anyway but i need to make an appointment but that can wait i woke the kids after i cooked and they ate i cleaned up then got jayD dressed and brushed his teeth then got Destiny dressed and did her hair and brushed her teeth mia got her self ready.

She doesn't like when i try to help her after they were dressed i needed to figure out what to do today school is about to start but not today so i didn't know what to do it was to early to do anything right now.

We were all watching tv they were layed all over me

Me: what yall want to do today

Destiny: go to anut tiffany house

Me: i gotta see if she's up

I got my phone and called tiff

Tiff: hello

Me: wyd we want to come over

Tiff: you can come jay not here he out doin god knows what

Me: ok we'll be over in a minute

Tiff: ill be watin


Tiff: alright 1

Me: how many times i got to tell you. You anit no thug

Tiff: girl im what ever i wanna be i be in these streets you just dont know that was my secret

I laughed at her i heard nevaeh in the background

Nevaeh: i wanna be in the streets to mommy just like you

My mouth dropped and i started laughing

Tiff: no you dont baby mommy was just playin

Nevaeh: i wanna be your partner in crime

Tiff: im not doing any crimes Nevaeh

Nevaeh: well can i be daddy's

Me: look what you started

Tiff: i know ill call you back

Me: Yea you do that

Tiff: 1

She said them hurried up and hung up i shook my head we. Stayed on the couch watching tv for a while then went to tiffs house the girls played and jayD talked to jay when he got back.

Tiff: what you think you havin'

Me: i think a boy what about you

Tiff: i dont know i think jayD would be happy but i can see you havin another girl

Me: as long as the baby health i really dont care

Tiff: want to start naming

Me: dont you think its to early

Tiff: its never to early

Me: well what you have in mind

Tiff: for a girl tiffany for a boy lamar

Me: you not funny

She start laughing she was tryin to be funny but it wasnt funny to me only a little i shook my head at her and laughed a little

Me: why tiffany

Tiff: why not im the anut

Me: ill think about it

We sat there trying to come up with names for the longest tiff cooked and we ate over there then talked some more when it got late and jayD fell asleep i took him to his dad's.

I knocked on the door and he answered i carried jayD to his room and took off his jacket and shoes and his clothes and put on his pj's and put him under the covers i walked out his room and shut the door lamar was in the living room .

Me: he ate he should be fine for the rest of the night and jay tired him out so he should be sleep the rest of the night to

I got ready to leave but he stopped me

Lamar: you dont want to stay

Me: um the kids are waiting on me so..so I have to go

I got nervous and started stuttering i tryed walking out again but he got in front of the door

Lamar: what's wrong wit you lay

I looked down and started messing with my fingers he took his hand and lifted my head up

Lamar: you gonna tell me

I felt like i wanted to cry and that's what i did i started crying and couldn't stop he grabbed my hand and walked me to his room and sat me on the bed then shut the door and sat next to me. He pulled me into a hug and i cried on his chest he rubbed my back

Larmar: please tell me what ever it is we can work it out......... i love you

Me: i love you to

I said through sobs

Lamar: if you love me you would tell me

I wiped my tears and sat up i signed

Me: ok well im pregnant by my ex but it was way before i went to jail but i didnt know i took a test and it was positive but i swear i didn't know but i understand if you dont want to be with me im 21 with 3 kids and one on the way i was scard to tell you because i didn't know how you would take it and i really do love you

Lamar: if you didnt know you didnt know why would you be scard to tell me i love you so im sticking with you through everything and the baby anit no bitch nigga name dj's that's my baby.

I had the biggest smile i was happy he still wanted to try and make this work .

Me: so where do we stand

Lamar: we together

I hugged him then pulled away we were looking at each other then he leaned in and kissed me i kissed back the kiss deepened it was the heat of the moment but i pulled away as much as i wanted to i still had to get to the girl.

Me: sorry the girls probably waitin on me

Lamar: alright we can finish later then

We both smiled i kissed him then went to Tiff's house where i got there she told me the girls wanted to sleep over her house and she had this friend mia's age she was gonna invite over for her if she wants all them kids in her house she can have em .

I left and you know right where i went yepp lamar's house he was surprised and asked about the girls i told him an you know what happened after that if you didnt know it was our 1st time together an it was great lol i stayed over there that night wrapped in lamars arms.

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