Magic words from a special person

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Something for yall to wake up or go to sleep to.

5 Day's later

Tiff's p.o.v

Im getting married in 2 days im excited but scard at the same time what if somethin goes wrong or i forget somethin but it shouldn't be that hard because jay still wont let me do anything. For our honeymoon jay picked the place id know where its at either but im excited to find out.

Lay said she would watch the twins but i told her no because she has jayD an mia and Destiny to worry about but she said she'll have lamar's help i finally gave in an said ok . We had already got back from rehearsal but at a different place because he didnt even want me to see what it looked like.

I thought that was stupid but i just went along with it. The things he let me do where perfect i think the boys are gonna look cute in pink an black. Right now all the kids are at mama b's house mine an Lay's dont ask me why she wanted all of them but she wouldnt let us take no for a answer.

My party is tomorrow its gonna be me an lay and rose ( works wit jay, gives him info fast remember ok good) an the guys girls so it wont be that many people.

Jay is gone and me lay and lamar are watching a movie well i am at least im on one side of the couch an lay is sitting on lamars lap and their laughing an talkin an having their own little good time like their still teenagers.

Im just glad she happy an lamar seems cool jay likes him to.

Me: ok i know yall together or.whatever but i am tryna watch a movie

I said to them but they just kept laughin an talkin like i didn't say nothin

Me: hello earth to lay am lamar

Still no answer i took a pillow from the couch and threw it at the back of her head an she turned around.

Lay: why you do that you could of said me name or somethin

I gave her that " excuse me" look

Me: i did

Lay: oh well what you want

Me: im tryna watch this movie you'll can take all that lovely dovey shit upstairs

She smacked her lips and stood up

Lay: come on lamar

She put her hand out an he grabbed it an put his arms around her as they walked to the stairs.

Me: love you to

I simi yelled so she could hear me before she got to the top of the stairs

Lay: yea yea love you to

A couple seconds later i heard the door shut. There was no reason to tell them to behave their selfs cause lay is already pregnant.

Lay's p.o.v

I guess tiff got tired of hearing us so we went upstairs lamar had his back against the backboard of the bed an my head was in his lap.

Me: so what do you think im having

Lamar:  you mean what WE havin

I smiled

Me: yea what we havin

Lamar: to be honest i dont know what you think

Me: i dont know either

Lamar: want to think of names

We started naming off names of course lamar said if the baby was a boy to name him lamar jr but i think that would be disrespectful to dj cause he's the dad even though he doesn't know.

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