bye jayD

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(I almost cried writing this fr maybe it's sad to yall to on that level let me know in the comments I didn't even wanna re read it got corrections so there might be some)

lay's p.o.v

me:your...your what

Stephanie: after what has happened the courts do not feel jayden is safe with you any longer

me:well then why didnt they say anything about my other kids

Stephanie:I felt bad so they don't know about your other children and I do all the information so they will not know

me: this is crazy

dj: what is

I made a mug face an turned around

me: because of you we don't get to keep jayden now it's all your fault now there takin ma son

dj:I anit do shit

I punched him in the face

me:I hope yo eye turn out like mine

Stephanie: I'm not even gonna tell the court about that because he had no right but I still have to take jayden

I let her in an we walked upstairs when we got to his room an I seen him sleeping I started crying. I walked over to him an picked him up he started wining but when he opened his eyes an seen me he stoped.

me:jayD your gonna go with her it won't be forever ok just remember that I love you an I'll always love you I don't want you to ever forget that ok

he looked at me an put his hand on my face I didn't tell y'all but that's what we do it just started I put my hand on his an he smiled which made me smile

me: does he need anything

I said on the verge of tears looking an jayden

Stephanie:um.. no he doesn't

"I can't believe this"

I whispered to myself

I have jayden to her an he just stared at her

Stephanie: well ig well be on our way

I watched as she walked out the door with my son an I just broke down in the middle of his room I calmed down a little then remember something I got off the floor an wiped my eyes an walked to my room an grabbed the bag an ran down stairs an outside hoping she didn't leave yet

when I got out there she had just shut the door.

me: wait

she turned around an I walked to her

me:I have something for him

she nodded

I walked to the door an opened it

me: jayden you keep this forever ok don't let anyone take this from you ok

he put his hand on my face I put my hand on top of his I kissed him

me: I love you Jay

I said then shut the door then out of nowhere I seen Jay an tiff with the twins they told Stephanie who they were an they she let them talk to him him an Jay did there little hand shake it was cute they talked to him for a while an the twins did to then dj talked to him then Stephanie got in the car an drove away

I started crying again tiff grabbed me before I fell we were on the side walk crying an holding each other we sat like that for a while then got up.

tiff an jay: what happened to your face

I looked behind them an dj was standing on the porch


I said an pointed to him I hope Jay beat his ass to he stated this shit that's why I'm gone

jay's face instantly got red he walked up to dj an said something to him

me: come with me

I said to tiff I picked up one of the twins an she picked up the other one an we walked inside I shut the door an we walked upstairs

me: are y'all tired

they nodded

me: well you can go sleep in the bed with the girls

the got in the bed with them they have there own beds but everyday Destiny ends up in mia's bed, the twins got in the bed with the girls

I walked to our room with tiff behind me we packed all his shit an put it in his big ass suit case an took it downstairs an when we opened the door we seen them fighting

"oh well" I said to myself we put all his stuff in his car then we broke them up, they both know how to fight so imagine how it turned out.

once they calmed down they got the twins an left an it was just me an dj

me: yo already in yo car all of it this is MY house so you can go an don't call me or text me or anything unless it's about the twins

I said then walked in the house an locked the door after I made sure everything was locked I took a shower I started thinking about jayden an started crying.

when I got out the shower I got ready for bed I was so tired but I didn't want to go to sleep I just kept thinking about jayden.

i cant believe hes really gon and i don't know what im gonna do about dj.....

-ik its late

-jayden is really gon

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