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im in Florida an you know i update every 2 days but if i dont update in the next two days is because im busy but ill try..

dj's p.o.v

we gon to the beach today its friday the lady came yesterday so we have 6 days after today to spend time with jayD(nick name)


i yelled from at the bottom of the stairs i been waitin on them forever jayD standin next to me.

"stop yellin we can hear you dang"

destiny an mia an lay said at the same time coming out of there rooms. they walked down the stairs with all there stuff i shook my head at them an grabbed the keys an went to the car i put jayD in an lay put the girls in.

i drove to the beach it took about 10 minutes to get there i got out an got the kids out lay grabbed jayD an they all started walkin towards beach

me:yall not helpin

"no your ok" all the girls said jayD looked back to me an shrugged his shoulders an turned back around smh

i got all the stuff an walked over to them an sat it all down

"watch it"

all the girls said AGAIN mann they be trippin i dont know what lay did the them but i wish they didn't learn it from her

me: mann hush

we all went to the water an played around till they got hungry we went to the place then had next to the beach. lay got up an left an came back like 5 minutes later i looked at her,she looked at me then looked away.

after we ate we took pictures at the beach then went back to the house after we got everybody cleaned up the kids went to sleep then lay start cookin i went in the kitchen an sat at the table she didn't even look by me.

me: lay

lay: yea

she said not lookin at me still

me: why you actin weird

lay: im not

me: there somethin you wanna tell me

she turned her her towards me fast

lay: what

me: is there somethin you wanna tell me

lay: no......no

she said then start cookin again i know she lien

me: why wont you tell me cause i know you lien

lay: well you must not know me cause i dont got nothin to tell you

she said flingin the spoon she got in her hand all around now she really lien an she gon say i must not know her i know everything about her except this.

i looked at her all over an didnt see nothin different

lay: dj  im fine ok

me: alright

shell tell me sooner or later i sat there the whole time she cooked an talked to her when she was done i got the kids up an of course destiny had to be extra an have me carry her.

after we ate all the kids got in our bed well except mia an watched a movie lay was sleep before me an the kids then it was one then the other then me i turned off the tv an went to sleep.

lay's p.o.v

when i woke up jayden had his arms an legs wrapped around my leg i looked over an mia was on top of dj when ever they sleep in here they find a way next to us an touching us. sometimes destiny on my side of the bed an something jayD is on my side
i think they take turns but idk.

i moved jayD from around my leg an went to the bathroom  an did my hygiene thing then started cooking breakfast all the food made me want to throw up it just didnt smell the same.

i was almost done when i heard foot steps i knew it was dj he walked over to me an kissed my cheek.

dj: it smell good in here

i looked at him like he was crazy

dj: what

i shook my head no which meant "nothin "

he wrapped his arms around me an rubbed my stomach then kissed my neck an went upstairs i finished cooking an made everybodys plate but mine i went in the living room an layed on the couch for a minute then went upstairs an got dressed up i put on my black an white lay&dj shirt i got made an white shorts an black flats i tucked my shirt in an put on a black belt.

i went to the bathroom an brushed my hair an put half of it in a ponytail an left the rest down then went downstairs.

dj: you  not eatin

me: i already did

i lied

me: who wants to go with me

mia: mary comin over

jayD: khawid come over

destiny: ME

me: ok lets go get ready

the chair was kinda high so i helped her out an carried her to her room then sat her on her bed an went to her dresser an got her out a white tank top that i might regret later but anyway I gave it to her an she put it on then i gave her. her pink an white skirt an she put it on an then i gave her a jean jacket.

then did her hair an helped her brush her teeth, we went downstairs i told her to say by to everybody an she did


i said shutting the door i strapped destiny in an we went to this ticket place were gettin basketball an football tickets for tonight because that's where jayD been wanting to go after we got the tickets we went to tiffs house.

destiny ran off to find the twins an i talked to tiff

me: how you been

tiff: ok i guess jay the jayden thing an somethin else


i said giving her all my attention

tiff: i might be pregnant again

i was shocked because the two years wasnt up yet. when i got the thing put in my arm tiff did the the same day

me: really did you tell jay

tiff: no


tiff:i dont know i guess i want to surprise him this time you know if i am

me: aww i wanna plan the babyshower an everything

tiff: lay why you so happy i dont even know if i am or not

me: well lets find out


we got the girls ready an went to the store you already know they wanted everything
we got back to the house an tiff was in the bathroom takin the test an the girls were eatin


i got up an went to the bathroom she opened the door

me: so what does it say

tiff: i dont know i want you to tell me

me: tiff this nasty

i said holdin the test at the edge

tiff: come on lay just read it

me: ok ok you are.................

-is she pregnant

-5 more days with jayD

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