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Lamar's p.o.v

I can get the girls back because i have connections lay don't know but i work in the streets when im gone i do a little drop then go to where i told her i was goin so she cant say i never went.

I love lay and the girls but i just cant tell lay what i do right now but i know i have to tell her soon but not just yet if your wondering where jayD is he's out of town on his regular visit with my cousin and im glad cause we dont need all the kids missing.

Me: I'll be back I'm gonna go see what i can do

Lay: you can't leave me Lamar i want to come with you

Me: you cant its to dangerous

Lay: but you know its a new gang at the top now they probably are helping i dont want you to get hurt i cant lose anyone else

She broke down crying the gang she was talking about that was at the top was my gang tiff hugged her and so did the twins i kissed her forehead then went to my trap house i daped my boys and told them what was goin on .

Me: so yall understand this needs to happen now i need dj and Zarea tracked down then let me know

I got up and went back to lay

Lay: did you find them

Me: no

She started crying all over again

Lay: why does this keep happening what did i do

She cried out

Me: its not your fault you need to calm down before something happens to the baby

I said but she never stopped i just held her that's all i could do before i got a update from my boys. I held her and rocked her till she fell asleep then carried her upstairs to a bedroom an took her shirt and pants off leaving her in her bra and panties i put her under the covers and turned off the lights.

I got a call from my boys so i stepped out

Me: wassup

"We don't know alot but we know some"

Me: well what you know

"Dj girl Zarea took em but we don't know if dj workin wit her or we dont know where they is"

Me: can you get phone numbers or somethin

" we can but it won't be today or tomorrow it's gonna take time we dont got Jennifer no more"

Jennifer was the girl that got any information we need in 5 minutes but one day another gang tried to take us out and shoot some of my boys and Jennifer and she ended up dieing and we anit find nobody else

Me: get back to me when you track them down

"Alright boss"


I can't imagine what lay is goin threw but all i can do is try to be there for her id know what i would do if somebody took the twins but i hope they get em back


I was sitting next to dj at his mom's house she was beenin a bitch to me all she was worried about was them damn kids they cute but me and dj kids would be cuter .

I can't stand mia she got a attitude problem and Destiny she follows behind mia and she looks just like dj which pissed me off .

Dj mom had we upstairs for some reason i really don't care an dj went to the bathroom so it was just me and the girls so i got to thinking. They make dj mom happy and i hate when people id like are happy and i know latoya loves them.

So if there not with them they wont be happy and what's more to ask for .

Me: you know they don't care about you right

Mia: shut up

Me: they never cared about you dj doesnt even or your mom nor your grandma and grandpa soon your gonna have nobody

Mia : dont say that in front of my sister she doesn't need to hear that don't listen to her destiny

I got up and opened the door

Me: your moms here

They got up and went to the door i covered their mouth and bent down to there level

Me: scream and ill kill you

Mia bit my hand

Me: you little bitch

I said slapping her destiny hit me she's 2 so it didnt hurt but im not gonna let her hit me to i slapped her to i grabbed them and hurried up and put them in the trunk.

With Dj's loud music he wont hear them scream i went in the house and i heard someone coming i hurried up and shut the door and sat on the couch an seen dj .

Dj: you ready

Me: been ready

Dj: you keep on wit that attitude im gon have to show you who run this

Me: i do

He walked toward me we were face to face

Dj: we'll see about that

He said and kissed me the kiss got heated but he pulled away

Dj: Where my kids

Me: in the back playing

I lied

Dj: let's get outta here..... MA THE KIDS IN THE BACK WE LEAVIN

he yelled cause she was upstairs


I rolled my eyes and we walked out the house and got in his car the music started blasting he drove to his house when we got there we went straight to his room and he put it down but this time i made sure i put his ass to sleep.

When i knew he was fully sleep i slid out of bed and took a quick shower and put on different close they might be looking for them so i have to act fast i went to the car and opened the trunk .

They both had red marks on their face and mia was crying and Destiny's eyes were closed

Me: get out

Mia got out but Destiny didnt more

Me: why anit she gettin out

i asked a crying mia

Mia: she's probably dead now

She never took her eyes off of her but i was confused

Me: what are you talking about

Mia: she has panic attacks and she cant breath she has a inhaler but you didnt take it you probably killed my sister

Shit i don't know anything about them i was just gonna take them and send them somewhere i went to her and checked to see if she was breathing an she was

Me: she still breathing

Mia: for now ........ if my sister is dead your gonna be dead and that's a promise i cant stand you i might be 8 but dont let that fool you

I glared at her and she glared back

Mia: you need to take her to a hospital

I got my phone out and called my boys to come over and they were on there way when they got there i told them the plan

Me: so your gonna take little miss smart ass and her little follower with her and send then somewhere far away were nobody will think they are if their found all yall is dead understand

They nodded and took mia of course she put up a fight then they got Destiny and drove away i closed the truck and went back in the house i started cooking when dj came down stairs i turned and kissed him then got back to making the food.

I smiled to myself it's all working out what more could i ask for i have no kids now dj doesn't and we got each other now we can go on with our lives dj didn't want them girls anyway he never did.

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