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Her name might not be mary but i changed it to Mary anyway

Still lay's. P.o.v

I turned around and it was the boy i met earlier what's his name again. ..... oh yea lamar

Me: yea thx

I took the shoe from him an picked up destiny an sat her down an put her shoe on her

Me: i didn't think you were serious about coming

Lamar: i always keep ma word ma

I was done an helped des back up and stood up

Me: you never told me if you have kids or not

Lamar: me an ma girl do an one of my boys

Me: oh you wit somebody

We started walking towards everybody else

Lamar: sum like that

Me: so what do you do

He didn't say anything he just looked at me

Me: thug

Lamar: how you know

I gave him that really look an he smiled

Me: well 1st i dated one 2nd my kids father is and 3 rd i can just tell

Lamar: well now you know

Me: be carefully in these streets Lamar

Lamar: im straight ma i been doin this all my life an never been caught or shot this ma life it's all i know

He said looking around with his hands in his pockets

Me: well still be carefully what's yo girl name

Lamar: mary

Me: what would she say if she knew what yo name was in my phone

Lamar: idgaf

Me: well then

Lamar: im just bein honest

I nodded once

Me: well i know yo kids probably well yo girls kids and yo boys probably need you now

Lamar: ig so what yall doin after this

Me: probably goin to get somethin to eat

Lamar: oh we was to you follow me an we can all meet up .. on me

Me: you dont have to

Lamar: i want to

He told me where his car was and what it was then walked away i went by tiff an she gave me that look


Tiff: who was that

Me: this boy i met

Tiff: he cute what's his name

Me: lamar

We made small talk till he texted me an said they were about to go

We got all the kids and got them strapped in the car Lamar and his friends an the kids were a couple cars down from us i looked over an seen jayD. Well i thought that was him i must be imagining i got in the car an we got behind them an drove to this food place i never seen before.

We All got out destiny had to use the bathroom so we were in there before any of them when she was washing her hands mia and the girls all came in and washed there hand we got a table big enough of everybody because the boys weren't out yet we sat down.

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