coming to an end

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tiff's p.o.v

so im not pregnant an im ok with that ig i mean i kinda wanted a another lil minnie me or minnie jay runnin around but ig now isnt the time. me jay an the twins an lay dj an jayD mia an destiny are all at the carnival on the side for little kids. mia was at the other side where the other rides she could get on were with dj.

the kids where so happy just playin an runnin around it put a smile on my face to.

me:lay wanna get some food for the kids

lay: ah yea

me: we'll be back Jay

he nodded

me an lay walked to where the food was an got the kids what we knew they would like then went an got the drinks when we were standing in line these dudes kept tryna talk to us me an lay looked at each other an rolled are eyes.

"why you anit tryna talk to ah nigga"

one of them said


the other one said

"I'm pregnant"

me an lay both said at the same time which was funny 1 because we was thinkin the same thing an 2 because we was lyin

"well shit"

they said then walked away we shook are head an grabbed the drinks lay walked in front of me an I was behind her out of no where dj walked up to her an grabbed her arm an turned her towards him which made her drop everything.

lay's p.o.v

me:dj what the fuck

I said looking at my clothes that were now all covered in food I looked up at dj an he looked real mad

me: what's yo problem you know that lady is probably still Watchin us


me:you really need to calm down we tryin to spend time with JayD before he leave an you ruining it

he looked at me for a while then walked away I looked back at tiff an she had the same look on her face but she looked scard idk what's wrong with him.

we have 4 days with jayD now were supposed to be happy but no dj always has to ruin stuff with his attitude I hope that lady not still watching us because if she is then that's not good

dj's p.o.v

man lay be trippin the shit i just heard pissed me off an idc if that bitch was watchin us it anit like we was gon get to keep jayD longer or forever so it really dont matter to me

jay's p.o.v

ayye dj ass be trippin fr we came here for jayD an he wanna act like this like fr nigga that shit mad me mad fr

after they left

lay's p.o.v

it was late when we left an I just got the kids in the bed an gettin out the shower I put on some basketball shorts an a tank top an put my hair In a ponytail.

I went downstairs to find dj he was sittin at the kitchen table

me: what was yo problem today

dj: man just get out my face

me: I'm not even in yo face

dj:look im not tryna argue wit you right now

me:then you shouldn't of did the shit you did today for no reason

dj:I had a reason lay

me:then what was it dj you keep sayin this shit but wont tell me

dj: you know what so why do I need to tell you

he got up from where he was sittin an stood in front of me I looked up at him an folded my arms

me: what

dj: you gettin on my fuckin nervs that's what

me:I don't care you was actin real stupid earlier

dj:lay get out ma face before I do somethin to you

me:what the fuck you mean you got in ma face

dj:whatever man

he said then brushed past me hittin my shoulder I pushed him an he turned back an slapped me I fell on the ground I seen blood drip on the floor I wiped my nose an looked at my hand an it was full of blood I looked up at dj an looked at me then walked away.

there was a knock at the door I waited but dj never came down I wiped my nose the best I could an walked to the door when I opened the door it was Stephanie just my luck.

she looked at me like she was tryin to figure somethin out she looked down at mt shirt an her eyes got big I looked down an my shirt had blood on it


I said to myself

me: um can I help you

Stephanie: are you ok honey

me:yes im fine why

Stephanie:because your shirt is covered in blood an your eye is swollen

me: no I'm ok

Stephanie: did he hit you

she said putting her hand on my shoulder I moved it

me:no im fine ok

Stephanie:well on the way here I drove fast your window I seen everything an what happened at the carnival today

damn this bitch be stackin us

I just looked down

me:why are you here

Stephanie: I'm sorry to tell you but I'm here to get jayden

to be continued...

-why do you think she came early

-dj hit lay


-what should lay do

-thanks kita1235 for the follow

-sorry for mistakes

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