planning part 1

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Part 1

Lay's p.o.v

When mama started opening her eye's my eyes started watering.

Me: dj call the nurse

I said loudly

Dj: why

Me: because shes waking up hurry

He jumped up fast an went to the door yelling for the nurse i stood there holding her and looking at her smiling with tears rolling down my face.

She tried to say something but i stooped her

Me: you dont gotta talk mama its ok

MamaB: its ok girl i can talk i just dont know what happen

She said giving me a "do you know what happen so you can tell me" look

Me: i dont know what happen dj just called me an told me to come up here for you

She signed

MamaB: you look different jail hit you hard

I gave her a look

MamaB: dj told me

Me: should of known but yea and this baby is changing me to

I said giving her a hint

MamaB: baby

I nodded

MamaB: you pregnant

I nodded again

MamaB: how far along, by who

Me: i don't know yet i haven't had a appointment yet and dj ..... i was pregnant before i got locked up

MamaB: about dj i got some stuff to tell you but ill tell you later

I said ok an the nurse came in

Nurse: aww you finally woke how you feelin

MamaB: im good when can i leave

Nurse: well since your woke we have to run some text but you should be out by the end of the week maybe before

MamaB: thats good

Nurse: ill be back to check on you later

She left and we sat around talkin for a while.

Me: mama i have to go because the girls and jayD but ill be back tomorrow can you can see them

I said not wanting to tell her about lamar because dj was in the room

MamaB: ok i been missing them

She looked down at my belly i put my finger to my lip telling her to shhh. "He dont know" she mouthed i shook my head no

MamaB: we'll talk later

I said ok an smiled i kissed her on the cheek and said bye to her and dj an went back to Tiff's house.

Dj's p.o.v

When mama woke up it made me feel some type of way i been here from day 1 talking to her and telling her the same thing lay was tellin her trying to get her to wake up maybe even more.

And i couldn't get her to but when lay did she woke up i dont understand. When lay left i talked to mama for a long time i ended up staying the night when she was sleep the doctor came in and asked me how she was Then left.

The next day i went and got her breakfast and ate with her then went home an took a shower and changed my clothes then went to the trap i been getting low on my money.

Jay's p.o.v

Today is me an Tiff's party's before we get married im nervous about what she gon think about how i planned it out but how many men can you say planned there wedding. ... right so that gives me points.

Of course im goin an ima even invite lamar you know my boys comin so its a couple of us. All the boys wanted to go to the strip club but i didn't want to do somethin that would i would regret an im not even married yet.

So that's out the question but i guess they got somethin planned. .......... cant wait to see this. I told them no strippers and they told me " don't worry we got this" i don't know why i agreed to let them niggas plan it but its to late now. I just know im not steppin food in a strip club.

-dj went to make drops While his mom just woke up

-what yall think


-Sorry for mistakes

-party in next chapter and maybe the wedding to

Shout outs!!!! Hope i spelled the names right...

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