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Two months later

The car halted to a stop in front of the apartment and both Adam and I stepped out of the car. I had visited the apartment before with Dad but Adam hadn't, and by the look on his face, he looked quite impressed with it.

"It looks amazing." he praised. There was hesitation in his voice and I knew the reason behind it. He was a honorable person and I loved him for that but if he said anything about moving into dorms one more time then he will bear my wrath.

Gripping his hand, I led him inside. The apartment was really cozy and beautiful. After crossing the corridor, there was a living room slash lounge, with a couch in the middle and a huge LCD on the wall in front of the couch. I told Dad not to waste anymore money on the furniture but he didn't listen. The lounge leads to another corridor with three bedrooms side by side and a kitchen at the other end. All three bedrooms had an attached bathroom.

"Which one is yours?" Adam said, looking around.

Blocking his path, I stood up in front of him and snaked my arms around his neck. "We are alone in this apartment. Who gives a fuck about room?" I whined and pulled his face down so I could kiss him.

He took a step away from me, causing me to pout. "What happened to being roommates?" he smirked.

I snorted, crossing my arms in front of my chest. "Don't be a jerk." I grunted.

"Really?" he cooed and pinched my cheeks. "Let's see if you can control your primal urges or not." Winking at me, he walked towards one of the rooms with his luggage in his hands.

"I hate you." I shouted from behind him and stormed into the other room.


'Primal urges my foot. Now I'll show you the power of a girl.' I grumbled to myself and slipped into the tightest tank top I could find. I bought it before I went through my puberty and it was pretty tight on the chest area so I don't wear it in front of anyone. Pairing it with denim shorts that ended just below my butt, I pulled my hair up in a messy bun and made my way out of my room.

He was flopped on the couch in front of the TV, switching between channels. I walked past the couch subtly and walked towards the LCD, ignoring him completely. Once I was right in front of him, I bent down to pick up the cushion and heard a small grunt erupted from his mouth.

I turned around and found his face contorted uncomfortably. "Is there anything bothering you? Any primal urge perhaps?" I asked innocently. His eyes trailed down from my head to toe, lingering on some particular places.

"Nope." he forced a smile on his face and tore his eyes away from me.

"Good." I smiled back and slouched down on the couch beside him, stretching my arms above my head. My top slid up from the navel and I bit my lips to stop myself from laughing out loud at his flustered face. He looked genuinely stressed when he placed a cushion on his lap, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down.

For the rest of the time, I kept teasing him with apparently harmless but sultry actions and he kept on blatantly ignoring me but the way he was shifting in his seat told me that a part of him refused to ignore me.

Living with him is going to be so much fun.


"Damn it." I cursed as I rose to the sitting position. Last night, I forgot to close the curtains and unlike my previous room, this one had huge glass windows. The sunlight was piercing my eyes and despite my multiple attempts of changing my position, I couldn't sleep comfortably. I knew once I leave my bed to close the curtains, I won't be able to sleep again.

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