14. Two Alpha Males

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During the whole time we worked for the project, I didn't speak anything irrelevant. I made sure to keep my distance from him and keep my face straight. He called me suffocating and it hurt me really deeply. I won't be forgetting it that easily.

"So? When will we make this model? I am free on Saturday and Sunday." he said after we were done with the basic sketch.

"Whenever you want." I said dryly without looking at him.

"Sunday is better. I guess." he started again.

"Fine by me." I answered.

"What about y-"

"Listen Adam. There is no need for small talks here. You made it pretty clear that how you feel whenever I am with you." I stated, hopping out of the bed.

"It's not you Alicia." he muttered under his breath, following me out of the bed.


"I said it's not you. It's just who I am." there was a strange disappointment in his voice. "I know you are trying to be my friend but I don't want that. I am happy this way."

"Why?" I spoke weakly, stepping closer to him. Something flicked inside his deep eyes, something like pain, hurt, anger. His eyes screamed loneliness, as if he had been in pain for too long. And he was afraid to ask for help.

"Because I am used to it and I don't want to change anything." he replied slowly and masked the feelings that were becoming too obvious on his face. Saying this, he turned around and exited the room, leaving me dumbfounded.


"So have you guys ever been to a club before?" Sophia asked as she took a bite of her cheeseburger.

"Umm... No." Emily replied, looking embarrassed.

"There are still 2 months until I can legally enter a club." I stated.

"Sweetheart, there is a thing called fake IDs." she grinned.

"Well. We don't have one." I told her.

"Leave it on me. There is a new club opening Saturday night. Do you want to join?" she asked, running her fingers through her silky black hair.

"But-" Emily started but I cut her in time.

"I guess we should. I'm really stressed up these days and I want to loosen up a little." I added.

"But it's illegal." Emily countered.

"And so much fun." I added smirking. "I haven't done any illegal thing in months."


"Please Em." I used my puppy dog eyes which had always worked with Dad.

"Fine. But we need to buy a dress first." she said and I nodded my head in approval.

After finishing our food, the three of us made our way to our respective classes. I had my AP calculus class so I strolled towards it slowly. The class was already filled to brim, all the seats looked occupied on my first glance. I looked again and an empty seat caught my attention.

There was just a teeny, tiny issue. The seat was in the middle of Adam and Noah, two boys who have made my life miserable, knowingly or unknowingly.

Shaking my head at my badluck, I moved forwards and sit down on the seat. Both heads turned towards me. Noah had his signature smirk on while Adam looked slightly irritated.

Ignoring Noah completely, I turned my face towards Adam and noticed two bandages on his face. One at the angle of his jaw and other just below his left eye. I wanted to ask him about it but he had made it perfectly clear that he didn't want my concern.

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