64. Gentlemanly?

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Tomorrow was our last exam and due to the stress and the 10pm curfew, I couldn't talk to Adam properly, let alone make out with him. And to say that I was missing his touch would be an understatement.

Only one more exam, Ali.

After the stunt that we pulled one week earlier, Adam had refused to answer my call late at night because he wasn't sure he could control his "primal urges" one more time.

Stupid Adam!

Shaking my head to clear it from his thoughts, I closed my eyes and began counting till thousand. I had reached five hundred and fifteen when I finally succumbed to sleep.


After the exam, Sophia, Emily and I drove to the nearest mall to buy our dresses for the prom. Mr. Brown had announced that our prom was going to held this Sunday and Chloe had already threatened half of the school to vote for her as the prom queen.

Shallow bitch.

I still remember what she did to Adam and I still hate her for it.

As far as Noah was concerned, he was still not talking to me, despite all my efforts. I even tried to persuade Adam to forgive him but he was just as stubborn. Stupid men with their stupid, fragile ego.

"Have Damien asked you out for prom officially?" I nudged Emily to take my mind off them.

"Yep, he did." she shrugged and I couldn't help but notice that she looked rather uninterested.

"Aren't you happy?" I whispered, keeping my eyes on the road so that we don't end up being in an accident.

"I am." she said meekly. "But I'm more eager to move out of this town ASAP."

"But why?" Sophia's head emerged from the back seats.

"Did Chloe do anything again? I swear I will kill that-"

"She didn't do anything." she sighed, her eyes showed frustration and exhaustion. "It's Justin. He is making it really hard for me to be with Damien."

I rolled my eyes and I could feel Sophia do the same.

"I really hate him. He bullied you for four years and when you finally found someone who is sincere with you, he suddenly realizes his interest in you." Sophia muttered under her breath.

"He is a dick." I added as the car stopped in front of the mall.

"Hmm." she hummed and all three of us left the car.

"I'm going to prom with Andrew, not that anyone asked." Sophia said in a fake hurt tone.

"Wow. That's great. Did your Dad finally approve your relationship?" Emily asked excitedly.

"No." she sighed. "But he doesn't need to know that."

Sophia's relationship with Andrew, the lawyer in his Dad's firm was quite complicated, for her father didn't want her to date yet and Andrew couldn't think of going against his boss.

At the end of the day, I just wanted my friends to be happy. And if her happiness lies with that guy, I just hope he is best for her.


"We have been waiting for fifteen minutes. Is she sewing the dress or wearing it?" I joked as I scrolled down my mobile screen. Emily was trying her dress inside the dressing room while Sophia and I were waiting on the couch outside the said room.

Sophia had already found her dress. It was a black off-the-shoulder mermaid gown. The dress looked fabulous against her caramel skin and I couldn't help but squeal at how gorgeous she looked.

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