3. Warm, Fuzzy and Wet

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"Miss King, meet me in my office after the school." Mr. Walter said when the bell rang.

"Y.. Yes sir." I stuttered, thinking about my inevitable doom. It was my fourth day in Redwood High and he has already caught me dozing off three times in the class.

I felt a set of eyes on my back. Angling my neck, I looked behind me. My eyes fell on that Adam guy. He was sitting on the last desk, the upper half of his face still covered with the hood of his jacket.

After Mr. Walter shifted his attention back to the papers, I excused myself and made my way towards the library. Emily hadn't attended Biology lecture today and I was feeling a little worried for her. She didn't look like the type to bunk classes.

As I was on my way to the library , I heard some cheering from the cafe. Curiosity peaked inside my mind and I turned my feet towards the cafe. Inside, all the students were hooting and making noise. I looked towards the source of their entertainment and gasped when my eyes landed on Emily.

She was standing against the wall and Justin was towering over her, his both arms caging her against the wall. She had tears in her eyes and she looked so desperate to get away from him.

I stood there gaping as Noah passed him a glass of coke which he emptied on her head. She shivered as the coke trailed down her white shirt, leaving wet, brown splotches all the way down to her pink pants.

What the fucking hell!

Her whimper brought me out of the trance and I rushed towards her. They hadn't noticed me yet so when I pushed Justin away using all my strength, it caught him off guard and he landed right on the floor.

"Ow." he groaned. Picking another glass of coke from the same table, I emptied the liquid all over him. Few gasps emerged from the crowd, one was from Emily herself.

"Run." I heard Emily mutter from my side. I looked towards her and found her casting a horrified glance at me.

Run? Why should I run?

I got my answer when I heard a loud growl from Justin mouth. My eyes flicked at him and his threatening gaze caused a chill down my spine. He looked murderous, as if he was ready to split my neck in two.

"Run." this time, it was Noah who had spoken. "Run if you love your life."

I didn't have to think twice because the next thing I know, I was dashing out of the cafe in a rapid speed. I heard sound of boot following me but thanks to the adrenaline rush, I managed to outrun him. If only I had run this fast in my P.E class!

"Fuck." I cried when the noise of footsteps reached my ears again. All the students were watching me run frantically as if it was nothing unusual in this school.

And where the heck are all the teachers?

The footsteps were coming closer, and closer, and closer and-


I collided with a hard chest. A pair of arms prevented me from falling backwards after I recoiled. When I was balanced enough, I opened my eyes which had closed because of the sudden impact. A familiar sharp jaw blocked my vision. Adam? Lifting my head, I looked into his eyes, his cold yet astonishingly beautiful grey eyes which were always covered behind the hood of his jacket.

"Finally." Justin spoke from behind me and gripped my arm. But before he could pull me towards himself, Adam stepped in front of me, blocking me from Justin.

"Leave her alone." Adam said in a cold, distant voice.

"This has nothing to do with you Adam so stop interfering." Justin argued.

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