59. Marking His Territory

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Bare your soul to me

So that I can see

All the wounds in your heart

All the cuts, all the gashes

Bare your soul to me

O honey

Bare your soul to me

So that I can see

All the tears you have shed

All the nights you spent crying

I was completely engrossed in my new song when my eyes inadvertently fell to the window and I found Adam staring at me from his room, leaned against his window.

Did I mention without a shirt on?

I sighed, observing his bulging biceps and his toned chest. Placing the guitar on the couch, I stood up and walked towards the window, all the while drooling at the sight of his abs.

"I thought you find my songs awful." I stated, eyeing him dreamily.

"Oh don't worry. My mind, the sane part of me, still find them awful." he said, smirking at me and I pouted.  "It's just my heart is forcing me to listen to your voice, no matter how cringey the lyrics are."

I crossed my arms in front of my chest and rolled my eyes. "I don't know if you are praising me or insulting me."

He laughed before resting his elbows on the window. "Do you want me to come over there and tell you personally?"

I grinned at his words, blushing hard. My cheeks heated as all the moments we spent in the hotel made an appearance in my mind.

"Oh you can come over, if you aren't afraid of dying at a young age." I sarcastically added.

It was almost 11pm, Dad was in the living room doing some office work. I was pretty sure he would castrate Adam if he tried to come into my room at this time in the night.

"Are you challenging me?" he raised his eyebrows and asked. "Because let me tell you princess, I'm not afraid of your Daddy."

"Well. You should be." saying, I closed the curtains and slouched on the couch. Hugging my teddy bear to my chest, I grinned to myself.

He is so cute whenever he isn't his usual arrogant self. His playfulness, his flirting, his teasing, I wish I could capture everything in a jar so that I could use it during his time of the month.


After taking a shower and changing into my PJs, I stepped out of the bathroom and yelped when I found him lying on my bed, his arms resting behind his head.

"What are you doing here?" I half-whispered, half-yelled, hiding myself from him so he couldn't see my barbie bottoms. He chuckled as his eyes raked over the shocking pink tank top and the shorts with barbie faces printed on it.

"Dad gifted me these." I said in embarrassment, walking towards the bed. "I would never buy something like that."

"They are cute." he said, still grinning at me.

"Shut up." I scoffed. He had already made himself comfortable on my bed so I sat down on the couch and crossed my legs.

"How did you come inside?" I asked and then found the answer when I looked at the window of my room.

"Oh my God! Are you insane? You could have fallen down." I glared at him.

He hopped out of the bed and walked towards me, flopping down beside me and pulling me closer. "It was worth a try."

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