66. Messed Up

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I paced right to left, waiting for any miracle to happen, like Noah would magically disappear or become invisible or a dust particle may blind Adam for few seconds to give Noah a chance to slide past him.

With every fleeting moment, I became more and more aware of the blunder I had just committed. To curb my anxiety I sat down on the bench but my stomach churned at different possibilities and I stood up once again to prevent myself from throwing up.

The air around me thickened, rendering me unable to breathe properly. I didn't know if I was having a panic attack or I was dying. The latter seemed like a better option. Knowing Adam, he would murder me with his single glare for breaking his trust and siding up with Noah, no matter how innocent my intentions were.

All the thoughts evaporated out of my mind when I witnessed the door open and came out both Adam and Noah, with Adam in front and Noah behind him.

Noah's mouth opened to speak something but from the distance, I couldn't hear properly. As soon as he finished his sentence, Adam turned around and jabbed him in the jaw, hard enough to cause Noah stumble backwards and land on the ground.

I jumped up in surprise and fright but my feet stayed frozen. My heart was forcing me to go stop their fight but my mind didn't let me because it knew that all his anger would divert to me once he found me there with Noah.

Noah tried to stand up but Adam stopped him by kicking him back. This time, Noah didn't back down. Instead he stood up in full speed and aimed a punch at Adam, making him fall back on the ground.

After that, I couldn't tell who was hitting whom. Both of them fought like animals, punching, slapping, kicking. Afraid that it might go out of hands, I rushed towards them and called their name to stop them.

"Adam! Noah! Enough. Let go of each other." I said while trying to disentangle them.

Noah took some steps back and wiped the blood from his stained lips. Adam let out another curse and moved forwards to lunge at him once more but I blocked his way.

"Don't stop me Alicia. You don't know what he did." he growled out loud.

"I know what he did." I admitted, still blocking his way. "And I know that what he did is not a crime."

Adam's frown deepened as he looked down at me, blood spilling from a large gash on his right cheek. "How did you-"

He got his answer before he could complete the sentence.

"You knew he was coming here." he asked, his voice laced with fear of being correct. I stood silent and lowered my head, swallowing the ball of saliva in my throat that made it hard to speak for me.

"Great." he roared and I flinched. "Did you led him here?"

"I.... Ad.." I stuttered.

"No. She didn't." Noah replied instead of me. "She knew because she heard me talking on phone with someone."

Adam didn't even acknowledge his answer. He just kept glaring at me with his deep, calculative gaze and I couldn't help but bite my lips in nervousness.

"Did you help him in meeting Adaline?" he asked once more, his voice sending chills down my spine.

"Um.. I.."

"Tell me Alicia!" he asked once more, chewing his words.

"Y.. Yes." I whispered and he instantly took one step back. All the warmth left his body, leaving behind just his pure icy stare.

"Fucking great." he said and after casting another disappointed glance at me, turned around and strode towards the parking area.

"Adam! Please listen to me." I ran behind him, trying to match his pace. "Just listen to me. I didn't mean this to happen like this." I was running behind him but by now, he had reached his bike.

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