65. Guy-Friend Vs Boyfriend

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I had my hair salon appointment today. I was fed up of my long, brown waves so Sophia referred this place, Bonnie's, to me. The woman who did my hair suggested that I should add some dirty blonde highlights and change my soft, curly waves to beachy ones. After she was done, I couldn't help but look at my hair in awe.

On my way back, I passed by a park and halted the car when I saw Noah playing basketball inside it. I looked around to make sure if he was alone or his teammates were around him. When I didn't find anyone, I stepped out of the car and made my way to him.

He stopped when he found me watching him keenly. "Nice hair." he commented as he jumped high in the air and threw the ball inside the basket.

"Thanks." I smiled and sat down on the bench nearby. Despite my constant gaze at him, he ignored me completely and continued playing the game.

"So how long are you going to ignore me?" I asked when I started feeling frustrated.

"I'm not ignoring you." he said, stopping.

"And I am not sitting on a bench." I rolled my eyes and said. "I don't want you to hate me Noah."

He walked towards me and flopped down on the bench beside me. "I can never hate you Alicia." he whispered, still not looking at me.

"Then don't. Make fun of me, be the same nasty Noah you were, say those creepy pick-up lines that you used to say." I sounded desperate. "Just don't avoid me. I don't want to leave for college knowing that my best guy-friend is upset with me."

"I am your best guy-friend?" he asked, a faint hint of smirk on his face.

"You are my only guy friend." I admitted.

Well, except Adam. I thought but didn't say it out loud.

"I don't know Alicia. I feel like if you really considered me your friend, you would have told me about you and Adam, instead of letting me believe that I have a chance with you." he said and ran fingers through his hair.

"I am sorry." I muttered in hushed voice. "Just tell me. What can I do to earn your forgiveness? Buy you dinner? Be your wing woman? Take you out for a movie?"

His eyes shifted to me and he assessed my face in a calculating manner. "Will you do whatever I ask?" he said.

I gulped before answering, "I'll try."

"Great." he nodded and for a moment, he looked like he was in some deep thoughts. "I want to meet Adaline."

My mouth opened and closed a few times when I heard his demand.

"I want you to help me in meeting my half-sister." he said, his voice brimming with expectation.

"I... I.." I stumbled with my words.

"Please Alicia. I need your help. I really need to talk to her." he turned to me and wrapped his hands around mine. "Please."

"I don't know Noah. Adam will..."

"I'll make sure he doesn't know." he said.

Lowering my head, I contemplated what to do. I don't know how Adam will react if he comes to know about it. But it's not like I was doing something wrong.

"Well...." I heaved a sigh. "I'll see what I can do."


With silent steps, I tiptoed towards Adam's room and peeked inside. He was doing push-ups, his upper body bare of any clothing. I gulped as the muscles in his back clenched everytime he pushed his body up.

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