61. Danger Dinner

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I was on my way to Literature class when a hand gripped my wrist and pulled me towards a deserted corner. I would have screamed or lunged back if it was not for the familiar scent that enveloped me.

"Adam!" I shrieked when I found myself caged between his arms.

"Ssshhh." he put his finger on my lips and leaned towards me.

"I'm already late, in fact we both are. And you are thinking of making out in the corridor." I complained, pulling my hand out of his grip.

"Well for starters, I wasn't going to make out with you." he shrugged. "But if that's what you want." He leaned towards me once again and I felt his lips slowly brushing mine.

"Later Mister. First tell me what's so important that you couldn't wait." I asked cautiously and pulled my face away. Being with Adam, it was like a roller coaster. I couldn't guess what bomb he was going to drop at me.

"Your dad has invited me for dinner in your house." he said and I cursed under my breath. My nostrils flared and my stomach tightened in knots.

"Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. He is going to kill you." I said breathlessly, slapping my forehead in anxiety.

"Thanks for the heads up." he taunted and rolled his eyes. "I thought he was inviting all your friends."

Sighing, I told him what happened last night. At first, a frown appeared on his face which was then replaced by pure fright as I finished.

He gulped before saying, "Well."

"Well?" I whisper-yelled. "Just well?"

A wave of nervousness flashed his beautiful face. "Don't worry. I'll be fine." he said, looking unsure himself. "We will be fine."

Saying this, he planted a brief kiss on my forehead and then we both made our way to literature class with our fingers laced together.


On my way to the Cafe, I told Emily and Sophia about the dinner. At first, they both looked just as shocked and worried but then they hid their expressions to calm me down.

"I don't think he would insult him. Your Dad is very nice." Emily said as she took a bite of her sandwich.

I kept playing with the straw of my juice, tapping my foot impatiently on the floor. "Nice to his daughter's friends, not to the guy who banged his daughter." I said and they both mimicked my worry.

From the corner of my eyes, I watched Chloe stealing glances towards us while sipping the kale smoothie in her hands.

"Don't worry. Just keep your focus on studies." Emily advised.

Today was our last day before prep leaves. The finals were a week away and we have been given holidays so that we could prepare well. I was already lagging in Calculus and now, with everything happening between Adam and me, I can surely say that I would mess up badly.

"You're right." I said, letting out an exhale.

While going towards my next class, my eyes fell on Noah who was leaned against his locker, his eyes zoomed in on his mobile screen.

"Hi." I said as I reached him.

He lifted his face from the screen and gazed at me with his bluish-green eyes, a layer of aloofness coated his expressions.

"Hi." he said flatly, no hint of frankness in his voice.

"How are you?" I asked, trying to maintain the smile on my face.

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