57. Hit Me Harder

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"We have the results of Round Two with us." the host announced. "The top three teams which will join us in the final round are Team Roseville, Team Redwood and Team Victoria High." he continued and all the three teams hooted in excitement.

The next round will be in the evening so we have five hours to prepare for it. Excited, I gripped Adam's hand and made the way to other two teams that had qualified with us.

"I'm so excited." I said as I grinned excitedly while Adam just looked around with a bored expressions on his face.

"Aren't you happy?" I asked and he just shrugged in return. "Ugh.. It's so difficult to please you." Leaving him in his sullen mood, I made my way towards the Roseville Team.

"Hi." I said to the cute brunette girl whose hair was pulled back in a tight braid and thick, rounded glasses were covering half of her thin face.

"Hi." she said as the boy in her team eyed me up and down, a smirk appearing on his thin lips.

"Hello beautiful." he pulled his hand out for me. I glanced at his hand with an annoyed expression and then ignoring him completely, turned my face to her partner and started talking to her.

"Ooh. Attitude. Me likey." the blonde boy interfered once again.

"Back off Carter." the girl slapped his shoulder and glared at him.

"Mind your own business Peach." he said and once again, smiled at me.

"Your name is Peach?" I asked her, ignoring the pair of eyes on my back.

"No. I'm Selena. He calls me Peach because I hate this nickname." she said, rolling her eyes at the boy.

"That's because she loved to eat peaches when she was little." the boy said and poked her cheeks..

"Ignore him. He's a jerk." she said, pushing him away.

They were busy in their banters when I felt a presence behind me. It was Adam, judging by his peculiar scent.

"So umm Ali, is it?" the boy ignored the girl and turned his face to me.

"Alicia for you." It wasn't me who replied. It was Adam, his voice dripping with annoyance. A deep frown etched on that boy's face at sensing the disapproval in Adam's tone.

After a while, I felt Adam's hand gripping mine and he pulled me away, saying we needed to prepare for the next round. With his hand laced with mine, he walked faster while I tried to follow his pace which was not an easy task to do.

"What are we going to prepare?" I asked while marching beside him.

"Chem equations?" I said but he kept his face straight without replying.

"Algebra formulas?" I asked again but no reply.

"Adam?" I said but when he didn't reply, I kept my mouth shut and continued following him.

As soon as we were inside the room, I began to speak but my voice get caught in the throat when he turned around and placed his lips over mine.

For a moment, I couldn't move, my hands still at my sides and my eyes widened like a saucer. But when his lips continued doing wonders against mine, I finally gave in and responded back with an equally passionate kiss.

The kiss was hard and urgent yet strangely gentle. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me towards himself, pressing his body into mine. My hands moved to his torso and I hugged him back, taking his lower lip between my teeth and sucking hard.

I felt drunk. Drunk on his touch, drunk on his lips, drunk on his kiss. It has been so long since I tasted him that it felt like a dream.

"Adam." I breathed heavily, momentarily separating our mouths but he ignored my moan and once again claimed my lips.

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