11. Pancakes

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Love me

For an eternity

Love me

For a lifetime

Be my hope

Be my smile

Be my ray of sunshine

Love me

Like you use to do

Love me

Like I wish you to

Love me

Like I did to you

Love me

Like I need you to

"Still crappy." I was busy humming the new lyrics I wrote when someone spoke. Opening my eyes, I looked around and found Adam standing against the door. I jolted in surprise and blinked twice to make sure if it was him.

"Tiffany had some friends over and they are all so loud. So I thought it would be better if we study at your house today." he said in a monotone voice.

"And you didn't think of informing me first?" I narrowed my eyes and asked. He just shrugged in response and walked inside my room.

My nostrils flared slightly and I resisted the urge to groan. I stood up to place the guitar back in its place. That's when I realized that I was wearing my shortest shorts, as I wasn't expecting any company. My face flushed crimson when I found him staring at my legs.

"Eyes up here mister." I scowled and his own cheeks turned red.

"I.. Umm.. I didn't.." he stuttered, looking flustered suddenly. It was cute, watching Mr. Rude feel flustered for the first time.

To bring ourselves out of awkwardness, I pulled my clothes out of the closet and rushed inside the bathroom. When I walked out fully dressed in black sweatpants and a pink tanktop, I found Adam flopped on my bed. His notebook and textbook was sprawled in front of him and he was busy scrolling down his phone screen.

I slouched down beside him and pulled out my notebook. I made sure there was reasonable distance between us. I was tired of making a fool of myself in front of him.

"I already solved these questions." I grinned proudly, showing him the homework I had done.

He cast one glance towards my work and then frowned, "If only you had done these right this time."

I scowled at him and muttered few curses under my breath. He tore the page and tossed it away. "Now focus." he said as if I were a dumb kid.

Arrogant jerk!

He began solving the problems, ignoring my deadly glare. I was annoyed at him, and myself too. Why did I ask for his help anyway? Failing would be a better option than getting humiliated by him.

He helped me solve the questions, not forgetting to taunt me at every wrong step. Now that I noticed, he seemed to enjoy finding my mistakes. Every time I did something wrong, his resting bitch face would glow suddenly, as if he had been elected for the president.

He was busy doing his own physics assignment when something on his neck caught my attention. There was a large bluish purple mark peeking from under his turtleneck. My brows furrowed as I pondered over the possible reason.

This didn't look like a hickey. It was definitely a punch. But why would someone punch him? Did he get into a fight? Well, it didn't sound impossible, considering his attitude. Not everyone is forgiving like me.

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