32. Date Or Not Date?

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"Why is Damien looking at you?" I asked Emily who was busy searching through her locker and she turned around to check the said person. The guy immediately looked away and started talking with his friends though I didn't miss the way he looked flustered when she looked at him.

Damien is the lead singer of our school band, I knew him because I had auditioned for the guitarist too. He is both funny and handsome, a combination that was getting extinct in the male species.

"I don't know." she shrugged. "He tried to flirt with me at your birthday party too."

"He is cute." I teased and she nodded in return. I raised my eyebrows suggestively and she reddened in return. "I didn't mean like that. I am not interested in him."

"Well, I think you should give him a chance if he talk to you again. He seems like a nice guy." I suggested, observing him as his eyes once again diverted to Emily.

After the bell rang, we both ran towards our respective classes. It was the last class, Calculus, which I dreaded the most. Adam and Noah were not a good combination and after what happened yesterday, I didn't want to create a scene.

Just what I was afraid of, only two seats were available. One in front of Adam and the other one beside Noah. My eyes shifted between both seats, the accusations of Adam whirled through my mind. Maintaining a blank face, I trudged towards the seat beside Noah and sat down.

I didn't care if my friendship with Noah bothered him. He himself admitted that I was just a naive, immature girl. What else can you expect from a girl like me?

"Hello princess." Noah turned his attention to me as soon as I sat down and showed me his toothy grin.

"Hi." I answered, opening my notebook and writing down the problem the teacher had written on the board.

"I have two tickets to The Kissing Booth." he said when Mrs. Dale was not looking. "Wanna join?"

"Well, take one of your admirers with you." I answered and his smirk deepened.

"I take my admirers to my bedroom, not to movies." he retorted, making me frown. I ignored him blatantly and started solving the problem. He didn't disturb me further because Mrs. Dale had now turned her attention back to us.

After the class ended, I slung my bag across my shoulder and got ready to leave.

"The offer still stands Miss. King." Noah asked again, wearing a beanie on his head that made him look like a cute bunny.

I wanted to decline his offer but when I felt a particular set of eyes on my back, I decided to change my answer. "Fine. Call me before picking me up." I said, smiling.

Adam walked past us just then, his fists tightened and his posture was abnormally stiffened. Ignoring him, Noah and I exchanged few words before we both made our way towards our respective destination.


I chose a cute blue and white striped frock and denim jacket for the movie, nothing too dull but nothing too fancy. For my hair, I let them loose on my shoulders.

The door knocked exactly at 5pm. After checking through my bedroom window, I hopped downstairs and unlocked the door. Noah was standing against his car, clad in a black T-shirt and blue jeans, just as casual as mine.

"Ready?" he asked, opening the door to passenger seat.

"Yep." I said and slid inside, checking my face in the front mirror. Thankfully, my liner was even which only happened once in a blue moon.

"You clean up nice King." He commented as he settled on the driver's seat.

"Pity I can't say the same about you Brown." I teased, relishing in the feeling of the comfortable seat.

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