46. Ruined

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"Hey. Thanks for picking me up." I said as I slid on the passenger seat.

"The pleasure is all mine babe." Sophia grinned and then started the car.

My car was not working properly and Dad had taken his car to the office. I considered asking Adam to give me a ride but I didn't want to appear clingy so I decided against it.

"So?" she looked at me with a mischievous smile on her face.

"So?" I asked innocently, having no clue about what she was asking.

"Did he finally deflower you last night?" Sophia said and I blushed deep red at her words.

"Sophia." I yelped, earning another grin from her. "Seriously, he just dropped me home."

"Yeah right." she chuckled and then turned her attention back to the road.

Soon, we were in front of Redwood High. Leaving her car, I looked around in the parking lot where I found Adam's bike in my sight. The memories of last night appeared in my mind, our conversation, him telling me the biggest secret of his life. A wave of sadness enveloped me and I mentally cursed Mr. Brown for what he did to Adam and his family.

"Come on." I walked towards the school, followed by Sophia. We had reached the corridor when we found Emily running towards us, her face sweaty and her hair turned into a mess.

"What happened Em?" I asked as soon as she stopped in front of me.

"Ad.. Adam." she was breathing hard.

"Adam? What about Adam?" I asked curiously.

"He.. Locker room.. He.." she tried to find the words but failed. "Just..just follow me."

She ran forwards while Sophia and I hurried behind her, my stomach churned in anxiety as my mind thoughts about him in any harm.

A gasp left my mouth as I saw him looking at his locker with a shocked face, many students gathered around him, laughing at him and whispering into each other's ears.

The reason being his locker which was decorated with many colorful charts, cutouts and post-it notes. But the thing that actually shook my insides was the words that were written over all those papers.


Mr. Brown's illigemate son.

Your mother was a slut.

One twin can't walk. The other one can't talk.

Son of a bitch.

The product of a drunken one night stand.

What else are you hiding Adam?

Shady bastard.

Mother was suicidal and the son is a temperamental dick. Crazy family!

You should be arrested by now.



Imagine Mr. Brown giving his mother detention for not giving a nice BJ.

These were only some of the chits I read. I couldn't read further without tearing the person who has done all this apart.

"Adam." I turned towards him, watching his face all red with anger and shame. His head was lowered to the ground, his eyes fixated on another large piece of chart dropped on the ground.

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