54. Stuck With Mr. Arrogant

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"What else should I pack?" Sophia's voice reached my ears but I couldn't comprehend what she was asking. I was lost in my thoughts, the clouds of guilt wrapped around my mind.

"How.. How could you love him? I mean how can you fall in love with someone who doesn't talk to you, who doesn't know how to express himself, who doesn't even know what love means."

Noah's words kept ringing in my ears. No matter how much I wanted to deny his words but I couldn't. Because a part of me, a very little part, knew that he was right. That Adam would never love me back. For him, I'll always be the annoying, clingy girl who ruined everything for him.

"Soph, she is going for a quiz competition. Why are you packing a black lace lingerie?" Emily's voice came from somewhere beside me but I didn't turn my head.

"Well, who knows? She might get lucky with some hot nerd." Sophia replied. Her voice was followed by the noise of opening of different drawers. I kept my eyes fixated on the book in front of me but for the last half an hour, I hadn't read even a single word.

"You don't know him like I do." I had replied but did I really know him? How can I be so sure about that? After everything we have been through. Did I know anything about him?

"What about condoms? I have a pack with me. Should I pack it too?" her voice rose once again. "Ali?"

Still consumed with my thoughts, I nodded my head up and down to whatever she was asking.

"I.. I should go. It's getting late." That's what he said before leaving. No hint of playfulness in his voice as he marched out of my room.

I knew he wasn't late. For him, there was never too late. Which meant only one thing, I lost my friend that night. One of the very few friends I had made in this city.

"Your bag is packed." I felt the bed dip beside me as Sophia spoke close to my ears.

Pulling myself out of my chain of thoughts, I turned to her and muttered, "Thanks."

"What are friends for, idiot?" she lay down on my bed and said. "You just focus on bringing the Braniac trophy home."

I wondered if it was even possible. I wasn't prepared for the competition. I hadn't studied at all and I didn't trust my memory enough to rely on my prior knowledge of each subject.

"I haven't revised periodic table yet." I panicked, looking for my chemistry textbook. "I don't even remember how many chromosomes are there in a Monkey. I'm gonna mess up, bad." I couldn't believe I had forgotten something as simple as that.

"48." Emily said something from my left side.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Chromosomes in a cell of a monkey." she shrugged and I let out an aggravated sigh.

"Why did they have to choose me? I'm dumb." I said, lying on my stomach in between them.

"No. You are not. You are brilliant." Sophia interjected, giving me a comforting look.

"Do you really believe that?" I said in an unbelieving tone.

"Yeah, we do." Emily replied.

"Thanks guys." I said and closed my eyes. My mind started to relax and I let out a deep yawn. Few minutes have passed when I found myself succumbing to sleep once again.


"What do you mean she is not coming?" I questioned Mrs. Dale with widened eyes as I finished listening to her.

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