36. Kiss Or Kill?

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Throughout the party, I watched grumpily as that Jenna flirted with Adam shamelessly. And the worst thing was that he reciprocated her advances.

He even smiled at her, like wtf? In the last six months, he had smiled at me once or twice and all it took for this barbie was one freaking party.


"Why so angry kitten?" Noah asked, taking a sip of the fruit punch.

"I want this girl out of my party." I grunted, balling my fists at my sides.

"But she is just flirting with Adam. Why do you care?" he said and then straightened up the next moment. "Wait? Are you... Are you interested in Adam?"

My face paled at his question and I felt like choking on the fruit punch. Maybe I was but was I ready to admit it out loud? No!

I fake-laughed, making a weird face at him that probably made me look constipated. "Interested in Adam? Are you kidding?"

At first, he narrowed his eyes at me and assessed my face from forehead to chin, causing me to shift on my feet. I gulped, trying to keep my face straight, not wanting to give my tiny secret away.

"Thank God! I don't want unnecessary competition." he chuckled and linked his arms with mine, tugging me along him to the small area behind living room where many youngsters were busy in dancing.

Not wanting to join them, I sat down on a nearby couch and watched Noah dance aimlessly with a redhead. His moves were somewhat scandalous, something I don't think these sophisticated people would fancy.

The couch beside me dipped. Angling my neck, I watched Adam sit beside me and Miss. Jenna joined him too. I scooted away from them, feeling the similar wave of irritability clenching my insides again.

"Let's dance?" Jenna said to him and stood up, pulling her hand out for him.

Please say no. Please say no. Please say no.


Their dance was the last string for me. When she snaked her tanned arms around his neck, I lost the last ounce of control in me and stood up. Stomping my feet on the floor and throwing daggers at them with my eyes, I marched out of the place and made my way to my room.

There were a plethora of emotions inside me and I didn't know which one was dominating the other. I was angry at Adam for talking to her, I was furious at myself for getting angry at him, I was agitated to pull him away from that witch, I was irritated with myself for wanting to pull him away from her.

Everything felt like a mess.

After entering my room, I flung the purse at one corner of my room and my mobile towards the couch. Slipping out of my shoes, I flopped down on the bed and let out an angry groan.

Now I knew why jealousy had caused so many crimes in the world because honestly, right now, I wanted nothing more than kicking that girl out of my house.

After few seconds, the door of my room opened and someone came inside. Raising my head up, I saw Adam standing against the doorframe, his hands in his pockets and a devilish smile on his face.

"Get out of my room." I almost screamed at him but still, he reached me and sat beside me on the bed.

"Didn't you hear? I said GET OUT." I barked at him, fighting the urge to punch him.

"Why are you so angry Alicia?" he asked in his velvety voice, leaning towards me but all I could see in that moment was red.

Letting a loud sigh, I turned my face away from his beautiful face and fixated my eyes on the wall.

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