6. Daddy's Annoying little Princess

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After making the coffee and french toasts for Dad, I slung the strap of my bag over my shoulder and picked up the keys of my 2015 Chevrolet Equinox.

"Good morning princess." Dad said when he walked towards the dining table. He was dressed in his signature black business suit, looking intimidating as always.

"Morning Dad." I said and picked up one toast from the plate.

"Are you leaving for school?" he asked as he settled on the chair.

"Yep. No time for chit chat." I grinned and then kissed him on the cheeks. After muttering a loud Goodbye, I exited the house and hopped towards my car.

"Fuck." A loud curse reached my ears. I turned towards the voice and found Adam struggling with an old, unfashionable bike. His face contorted with anger as he tried to start it but the bike looked like it had already taken its last breath.

"Hey." I shouted to catch his attention but he didn't acknowledge my presence.

"Adam?" I called again but still no response.

Is he deaf or just blatantly rude?

Letting out an aggravated sigh, I walked towards him and shook my hand in front of his face. "Earth to Adam."

"What?" he gritted through clenched teeth and looked at me with his exhausted face.

"Jeez. What did you eat in breakfast. A big pile of salt?" I asked in an annoyed voice.

"If someone is not replying to you then it means he didn't want to talk to you in the first place." he responded in a dry voice.

I snorted at his remark. What does he think of himself?

"I was just being nice you know. I thought you could use a ride." I huffed.

"No. I dont." he glared at me.

"Fine." I was about to walk away when Tiffany's voice stopped me.

"Adam! A beautiful girl is willing to give you a lift and that's how you respond? Tch tch." she scolded him.

"Just for clarification, when you said beautiful , you were talking about this annoying little Daddy's princess?" he muttered angrily and earned a glare from Tiffany and a snort from me.

"Adam!" Tiffany yelled. "Apologize for your rude remark."

"But-" he tried to argue.

"Adam Francis McArdle! NOW!"

Oops! she used the middle name bomb.

"Fine. Sorry." he huffed roughly. "Besides, I don't need her help anyway." he added.

"Don't be stupid. How else would you reach school in time? Alicia sweety! Will you please give him a ride?" she asked me in a friendly manner.

"Sure. But only because you asked me." I plastered a smile on my face and slid inside the driver seat of my car. "Come on Mr. Hothead. We don't have all day."

I heard a deep grunt, followed by the opening of the car door. Adam settled himself on the passenger seat and I revved the engine. The drive was silent. Adam didn't bother to lift his face from his mobile and I, well my eyes were flickering to his face every now and then.

His cheekbones were higher than my IQ, the light stubble on his jaw making him more attractive than he already was. Every time he blinked, his long eyelashes would touch his cheeks. And his hair, his oh-so-soft messy hair... Damn.

If only he wasn't such a jerk!

"Stop staring." Adam raised his head from the phone and muttered.

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