5. Alicia the Pooper

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Thank you GayatriRamchandran for the amazing cover.

"Brown! King! Three sets of jumping jacks. Now. The rest of you can go." Mr. Robbins, the P.E teacher announced.

"But sir, I was not the one laughing like an idiot." I countered, casting a killer look towards Noah who had a huge grin on his face.

"Five sets Miss. King! Noah, you can go after three." Mr. Robbins shouted again and I let out an irritated groan.


"What did Noah do this time?" Emily asked as we were on our way to AP biology.

"He threw brown paint at my gym shorts, right on the buttock region." I scoffed in anger.

"Oh." Emily said.

"And then, he called me Alicia The pooper." a small chuckle left Emily's mouth. Her face lost all the color when I gave her one of my hardest glare.

"Sorry." she smiled sheepishly.

"It's okay. You aren't the one being immature here." I spoke lowly.

"Forget about him. He is a jerk." she said as we entered the class and slouched down on the front seats.

"You are right." I accepted.

The class started soon after. Like every other biology class, Mr. Walter just continued talking like a robot, not caring if anyone was understanding anything or not.

"Who appointed him as a teacher?" I muttered to Emily.

"Apparently Mr. Brown." she shrugged and passed me a bubblegum which I accepted happily.

I let out a small yawn and started drawing doodles on my notebook. I wouldn't bave stopped if it was not for the set of eyes I felt on my back. Turning around, I looked towards the backseats where a pair of grey eyes caught my attention.


His impassive eyes were solely focused on me. He didn't even avert when I caught him staring at me red-handed. Instead, he just narrowed his eyes at me and drew his eyebrows together. I not-so-subtly rolled my eyes at his action and turned my attention back to my doodles.

"Wow. What was that?" Emily nudged my shouldee when Mr. Walter was not looking.

"What?" I asked.

"That intense exchange of glares." she replied.

"Nothing. He is just an annoying arse." I whispered. She looked like she was not satisfied with my answer yet she didn't ask further.

After the class was over, we both made our way towards the school ground. Sitting down on one of the benches, I pulled out a packet of M&M's from my bag and passed it to Emily. The cheerleaders were busy practicing their routine. My eyes fell on the beautiful brunette who was stretching her long, toned legs.

"It is Chloe, right." I asked in surprise.

"Yup." Emily answered dryly. "Just another excuse for her to act like queen of Redwood high."

"Let's not waste our time talking about her." I said, changing the topic. "Tell me about yourself. What are your plans for the future?"

"Well, I want to be a journalist just like my Dad." she answered. Her eyes suddenly brightened with ambition.

We were busy in pur discussion when Chloe's gaze landed to us. A smirk made its ways to her cherry tinted lips and she swayed her way to the benches.

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