47. Of Tears And Grief

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Mr. Brown's eyes landed on me as soon as I stepped in. His face lacked emotions but his eyes depicted the tornado whirling inside his mind.

He asked me to sit and I did so, keeping my head straight and my eyes focused on his face. The hurt in Adam's voice last night reappeared in my mind and I cursed him mentally, keeping my face blank.

"Miss. King! I'll ask you only one time, are the rumors true? Are you the one who is behind all the drama that happened this morning?" he said.

"No sir." I said in a clear voice.

He observed my face for any sign of lie and when he didn't find any, he sighed deeply and ran his fingers through his brown hair, something Adam often does.

"How is he?" he asked and I knew who he was talking about.

"Why do you care?" I said in a stiff voice, despite knowing that I might get suspended.

"Believe it or not Miss. King, I care." he said, his voice exhausted. If I didn't know any better, I would have believed that he was speaking truth.

A taunting smile appeared on my lips, my voice dripping with accusation as I said, "If you really cared for him, you won't have left him alone."

A wave of guilt passed over his expressions which he masked easily. "He is my son." his voice sounded strained.

"I guess it's easier to say that aloud now that everyone already knows." I said and stood up. "Sorry sir, you can suspend me for all I care but I can't sit in front of you and act like I don't hate your guts."

Saying this, I turned around and leave.


Entering the Calculus class, I looked around, hoping to find Adam but he was not there. With heavy heart, I sat down in a corner seat and fixated my gaze on the notebook open in front of me.

Sound of hushed whispers reached my ears and I lifted my head to see Noah who was now entering the class, his eyes lowered to the ground and a fine mixture of fury and hurt etched on his face.

Students gossiped among themselves, laughing at the situation while he silently sat down in another corner and pulled his notebook open, without looking around himself.

"Hey Noah, did you know your father banged Adam's mom?" one of the jocks said and the rest of the class erupted in laughters.

This time, Noah raised his head, his expressions harder than usual. "Yep. Wanna know a secret? One of your parents tried to seduce him too. A small hint, it wasn't your mother." he said through clenched teeth. The whole class silenced and the boy's face flushed red. He muttered something under his breath and turned to the front.

If it was some other time, I would have disapproved the usage of such personal remarks but somebody needed to teach them their limits.

Mrs. Dale arrived soon after and every pair of eyes shifted to the whiteboard. She wrote some problems on the board and started solving those, while I just sat there mindlessly, thinking about Adam. I wondered how he was, where he was and what was he doing right now. I wanted to be there for him but he didn't want me anywhere near him so I couldn't do anything.

After the class, Noah was the first one to leave the classroom. Following him out of the class, I ran behind him to check how he was. He turned to the ground, with me following him and stopped when he reached the benches.

Slouching down on one of them, he groaned, loud enough to be heard from a distance and threw his bag away.

"Noah." I ran towards him and sat beside him. "Are you okay?"

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