21. So Damn Rude

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"So class, there is a good news." Mr. Potter announced when we were about to leave the class.

"The authorities have decided to take the senior year on a camping trip. It will be in the first week of the coming month." she said and chaos erupted in the whole class. "All the information is available on school's website. You can download the permission letter and submit it by the 28th with the trip money."

After saying that, she left and everyone started to talk about their trip plans. I myself was quite excited. In my last school, the Principal never allowed us to go on a trip. So a trip, especially a camping trip will be a whole new experience for me.

"Will you be coming?" I turned to Emily and asked.

"Justin will be there." she whispered.

"So?" I asked.

"Um.. It's just.. I.." she sighed. "Nothing. I'll go." she said and a smile graced my lips. I texted Sophia to ask if she will be going. Her reply came almost immediately. She was also going.

"It will be so fun." I exclaimed loudly, grinning wide.


After wrapping the lasagna in aluminum foil, I pulled off the miffs and ran fingers through my hair to entangle the ends. Before picking up the lasagna, I looked in the glass window and assessed my appearance. The royal blue button down shirt and white jeans looked quite decent on me. Smiling, I picked up the lasagna and made my way to Adam's house.

After two knocks, Tiffany opened the door. By the look on her face, she was surprised by my presence. She smiled and stepped aside to let me in.

"Do you want to meet Adam?" she asked.


"No." I answered. "I baked lasagna for you." Saying this, I handed it over to her.

"For me?" she raised her eyebrows and asked sarcastically.

"Yeah." I lied again. The only reason I was here was so I could ask Adam if he will be going to the trip.

"Adam is upstairs." she hinted when she found me looking around. A shy smile decorated my lips as I found her chuckling at my action.

"Uh.. Yeah.. I mean, I came to meet you." I tried my best to keep my voice from wavering.

"Sure, you did honey." she chuckled and led me inside their living room.

"I'll be back in five minutes. Make yourself comfortable." she said and exited the lounge.

For a minute, I sat there and observed the living room. After I made sure that she was nowhere around, I slowly tiptoed towards Adam's room. The door to his room was slightly open. After contemplating for two minutes, I finally knocked the mahogany door slowly. When there was no reply, I finally mustered some courage and walked inside.

Wrong move.

"Fuck." two sounds erupted in sync. The first one was mine whereas the other one was Adam's. The reason behind my cursing was that Adam was standing in front of me in his full glory, with just a boxer shorts covering his manhood.

This was not the first time I was seeing him bare-chested. But there is a difference between watching him from my own room and standing few steps away from him while he was looking like a whole snack.

And man, was he handsome. From his collar bones to his bulging biceps, from his toned chest to his lickable six pack, it was all perfection. If I lacked self-control, I would surely have done something I would regret later... Like letting out a deep, stifled moan.

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