68. The Prom (1)

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The dress hugged my figure like a glove, showing off the hourglass figure I never thought I had. It even pushed my bust up, giving an illusion of bigger assets than I originally had.

I don't know if Adam would like this dress or not. I don't even know if he was coming at all. I just knew one thing. I needed to see him, sooner or later, or I would go crazy.

I had pinned my hair to one shoulder, leaving the pattern on the back visible. I curled the ends to give them more volume and did my makeup by carefully following a famous YouTuber's tutorial.

By the time I was giving myself one final look in the mirror, I heard the door open and Sophia barged inside. Her eyes raked over me and widened in appreciation.

"You look ravishing girl." she said and wrapped her arms around me to pull me in for a hug. "I bet Adam would regret his decision of taking a break."

I chuckled, still gaping at her mesmerizing look. The black dress made her look like a celebrity, her makeup was on point, her skin looked flawless and her hair was pulled up in a messy yet stylish updo, with few tendrils framing her face.

"I'm jealous. I can never pull off black color like you." I pouted and sat down on the bed to wear my silver heels.

We were still inside my room when I heard Dad's voice from downstairs. Picking up my clutch in one hand, I locked my other hand with Sophia's and made my way out of my room.

"I'm ready Da-" I stopped when I looked at the person standing at the other end of the stairs. His eyes trailed down my body, taking my appearance in and the way his mouth opened and then closed showed that he liked what he saw.

"Adam!" I couldn't speak further because I was spellbound. He was wearing a black tux that stretched against the hard contours of his chest, his hair gelled to a side with perfection. I slowly walked down the stairs without averting my eyes from him. Our eyes bored into each others when I reached in front of him.

"I didn't know you would come." I whispered, fighting the tears welling inside my eyes.

He pulled his hand out for me to hold and then replied, "I told you. I'm not giving up on us." My smile grew wider while a lone tear escaped my eyes and streamed down my left cheek. I just wish he hadn't seen it.

That's when I noticed Sophia, standing by my side, a huge grin plastered on her face. "But I promised Sophia that I-"

"Are you seriously worrying about me Ali? Go get your man." she chuckled and I cast a long, grateful glance at her. From the corner of my eyes, I could see happiness on Dad's face. He knew that I was miserable without Adam.

"Ready?" Adam asked, pointing towards his hand. Nodding, I laced my fingers with his and together, we walked out of the house.

In front of my house, a black, shiny limousine was waiting for us. I first thought Sophia arranged it for us but when the driver opened the door for us, I shifted my confused gaze to Adam.

"I was saving for it." he cleared, keeping his face away.

"Oh." I said and fought the urge to jump at him for a hug. I could see the trace of stiffness on his face that he was trying so hard to hide. He was still keeping a distance and I understood why.

We both slid inside the limo and he asked the driver to roll up the partition. The air was thickened with tension, neither of us was speaking anything. When he noticed me staring at him for too long, the corner of his lips lifted a little. "You look stunning." he said and my cheeks warmed.

"Thanks." A long pause followed my words. "Have you forgiven me yet?" I asked with hope filled in my voice.

"Let's.. Let's not talk about it tonight." he said and once again turned his face to the opposite side.

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