56. Awkward Encounters

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Adam's POV

I should have felt angry at her or at least irritated for what she said about me, instead I found myself smiling at her action.

There was a warm feeling brewing inside my chest at the possibility of her still liking me, despite everything I had said or done. Nobody stayed behind, nobody was strong enough to bear with me but she did. The girl I several times called immature in my head, she was more mature and understanding than most of the people I came across in my life.

She is beautiful, she is kind, she is intelligent. Not to mention cute, funny and crazy sometimes. Everything a guy would want in a girl. She deserves the best in her life, something I know I can never give her. I can just pray for her, that she gets everything she ever dreamed of.

I was lost in the thoughts when the door opened and she stepped inside, a warm flush on her cheeks showing her embarrassment at what she had done earlier.


If only I could kiss her crimson cheeks.

Standing on my feet, I walked towards her and stopped when I was few steps away from her. Her gaze lowered to the floor, her lower lip trembling which usually happened whenever she is anxious or nervous.

"Um.. I.. Actually.." she stuttered, probably looking for an excuse, her fingers playing with the hem of her shirt.

I didn't know what came over me but I took a step towards her, standing so close that I could feel her heart pounding inside her chest cavity.

"What made you think I was gay?" I leaned a little and whispered.

Her breaths turned shallower as we stood still with just few inches between us. It was wrong, so wrong, for doing this after what I said last time. But I couldn't stop myself, she was the only girl who can make me do things I shouldn't do.

"I think I.." she looked around, refusing to look deep into my eyes. "I.. It's late. I need to freshen up."

Before I could stop, she turned around and dashed into the bathroom, leaving me lost in her delicious scent.

Sighing, I slouched down once again on the bed, my mind still focused on her. My smile deepened when I remembered the packet of condom that fell out of her bag pack this morning. Different scenarios appeared in my mind, most of them involving the use of that condom and bed.

Or a couch.

Or floor.

Or against the wall.


I wondered why she kept it with her. Was she planning to do it with someone? I shook my head to keep this thought out of my mind. I couldn't imagine her being with someone like that. The thought itself was enough to make my heart go haywire inside my chest.

Groaning, I ran my fingers through my hair and rested my head against the headboard. She stayed inside the bathroom for an abnormally long time. First I heard the running of shower which was followed by sound of few bottles dropping on the marbled floor.

Being with her in a single room, it gave me a glimpse of the life I could have if everything was normal. We could move in sometime in the future, spend nights in the same bed, make love in front of the fireplace, cook for each others and many other things that I desired.

But unfortunately, she and I, it can never happen.

I sighed deeply and then covered my eyes with the help of my arms. After a while, I heard the opening of bathroom door and she stepped inside.

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