18. Stalker Much?

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"Care to tell me what happened in the ground?" Mr. Brown looked in Adam's eyes and he just shrugged carelessly. The grey orbs of Mr. Brown shifted to my face and I gulped with fear.

"Miss. King! Will you tell me who started the fight?" he asked, chewing his words. A large frown was etched on his already serious face, making him looked scarier.

I mean, who could blame him. His teenage son was in school dispensary while the two people who were responsible for his condition were seated in front of him in his own office.

"Who started the fight Alicia?" he asked again, his eyes bored into mine.

"A.. Adam." I whispered. "But he didn't-"

Before I could explain the reason, he had already moved to Adam. "After all this time, you still can't stop yourself. I thought you would have understood by now." His words were followed by a disappointed sigh but weirdly, the disappointment was not directed at Adam.

"What I did to Noah has nothing to do with you." Adam leaned forwards and propped his elbows on Principal's desk. For a minute, both pair of grey eyes glared into each other. Mr. Brown was the first one to look away.

"Look son-"

"You don't get to call me son." Adam growled loudly and stood up in a swift. "You are not my father. Nor will you ever be."

I couldn't understand why Adam reacted that way. He looked like he was about to explode with anger. A vein in his neck popped out and he stomped out of his office without speaking anything else.

After he left, I shifted my gaze to Mr. Brown. His eyes were brimming with sadness and something resembling guilt. After a moment, he coughed and turned his face back to me.

"Please don't punish him for this. It all happened because of me." I reasoned.

"Don't worry. I won't punish him." Mr. Brown sighed and opened a file placed in front of him. When he didn't talk to me for few minutes, I excused myself and stand up to leave.

"He is a nice guy Alicia. Try to be his friend and you won't be disappointed." Mr. Brown spoke when I was leaving his office. After nodding, I exited his office and closed the door behind me.


For the next whole week, nothing significant happened in my life except the membership interviews for school's music club. Adam had returned to his old dry, arrogant self and Noah had been trying to earn my forgiveness by making small gestures.

It was Saturday night again. It had been a week since that club night, a week since I stepped inside Adam's room and almost a week since I last talked to him.

After doing my Literature assignment, I jumped out of my bed and stretched my legs. Wrapping my hoodie around me tightly, I strolled towards the window and slid the curtains aside. And then I watched something that made my eyes widen like saucers.

Adam was clung to the pipe present beside his window. With fast, careful movements, he crawled down with the help of the pipe. When the distance between him and the ground was less than five feet, he jumped on the ground without making any noise.

The scene would have been funny if I weren't baffled to my wits. I knew something was not right. Those rumors, the injuries of Adam's body, sneaking outside at nights, almost choking a guy to death. Any same person would be able to make the connections.

Either he is in trouble or he is trouble.

He ran towards his bike which was parked at the other corner of the street. Settling on it, he tried to start it. If the history was any significant, it would take him at least five minutes to get it started.

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