70. The Prom (3)

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Emily's POV

The music was blasting in my ears, inflicting me with a sharp headache. There was a swarm of peoole around me, most of them were engaged in public display of affection one way or another. I looked at the bowl of crisps placed on the table and went towards it to curb my appetite but then different scenarios ran through my mind, scenarios of various people touching it with their hands. Hands that were inside places I'd rather not think about.

"Here." I heard Justin's voice. Turning around, I watched the unopened packet of Lays in his hands. "Don't eat out of bowls."

My eyes shifted between his hands and his face. He didn't look drunk, which was unusual because most of the times, he was hooking up with a girl in his drunken state at parties.

"You are offering me food? That's new." I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes. Usually, it was opposite, him stopping me from eating anything.

"I was a jerk before and I had already said sorry." he sighed but it didn't matter. He ruined the last four years of my life which could never return. He could never give me my highschool years back, that I spent hiding from him and Chloe.

"You are still a jerk." I said. "And guess what? High school is over so I don't need to be afraid of you anymore."

"I don't want you to be afraid of me." he whispered.

"Well, you should have told that to your past self." I seethe. I didn't know how I got the courage to speak like this, maybe there was some alcohol in the fruit punch I had, maybe I finally got some guts.

Our eyes were still locked together, guilty brown eyes with disappointed blue ones, when I felt a hand on my waist. "Babe." Damien said in my ears.

Justin's eyes shifted to him and cast a glare so hard that I feared it would burn him. "Keep your hands off him fucker." he growled at him, balling his fists. His persona radiated rage and I knew what angry Justin was capable of. So instead of arguing with him, I linked my arms with Damien and pulled him away.

"What's his problem?" Damien asked, gazing at him.

"Just... Just ignore him. He's not himself when he is drunk." I said, trying to avert his mind off him.

After that, he took me to the middle of the lounge and started dancing. His arms around me kept me closer to his body while his tall built hid me from the eyes of everyone else, particularly Justin.

I wondered how he was doing. Despite everything, a part of me still cared for him. The part of me that still had a silly crush on him. The part that used to love him.

Used to.

We danced for almost half an hour, until I was a sweating mess. The loose shirt was sticking to my chest, revealing the red bra. The marks of fruit punch worsened the situation. I flushed crimson in embarrassment when I found Damien's eyes on me.

"Do you want to change out of this shirt? I have a spare one in my car." he said and I nodded. "There is a room at the end of stairs. Go, wait inside."

After he left, I trudged towards the stairs and climbed up. There was a room at the end of the stairs. I walked inside and turned the lights on. It looked like a boy's bedroom, there were postures of lingerie models and expensive cars on the walls and boxes of pizza spreading around.

Sitting down on the bed, I waited for him. My vision had now turned blurry, although I didn't drink anything other than the fruit punch that Damien gave me. He said it wasn't alcoholic.

After few minutes, he finally returned with a white T-shirt in his hands. I faltered a little when I stood up but then balancing myself, I looked around for a bathroom door.

"You can change in the room. I won't look." he smiled at me and I gulped, warmth radiated off my cheeks.

"I.. Um.. T.. Turn around." I said and he did as he I told. "No peeking."

Saying this, I switched the lights off but the moonlight coming through the window still made everything visible. I turned around and pulled the top above my head. But before I could slip into his shirt, I felt his hands on my waist.

I gasped and turned around in surprise, watching his face that was inches away from mine.

"What are you-" He cut me in between my sentence by placing his lips over mine. I felt uncomfortable in making out with him in someone else's room and this action was so not like Damien.

"Damien I.." I tried to speak but stopped when he gripped my butt harshly. It was probably intended to be soft and romantic but it wasn't. His touch was not gentle or loving, it was hard.

"Just relax Emily. It's prom night. All the virgins lose their virginity on prom night." he said and sat down on the bed with me in his arms. I tried to move out of his hold but my body felt extremely tired for some unknown reason.

His hand was trailing up and down on my bare back, lingering on the strap of my bra. "I don't want to do it here." I managed to say but it was too late. He had already lay me down on the bed and hovered over me.

"Damien please. Let's no do it tonight." I said and tried to push him away but he was stronger. He pinned my arms above my head and attached his lips to mine once again. His lips were harsh and urgent, not soft and gentle like they usually were.

"It's fine. The place doesn't matter." he said and his hand moved to the buckle of my pants.

I was so uncomfortable but I didn't say anything. I couldn't. My throat felt clogged and moisture appeared in my eyes. I guess it was the way sex usually goes. But it didn't feel right. His hands on my pants didn't feel right. His lips on my neck didn't feel right. His weight over me didn't feek right.

"Please Damien. Just... Don't do this." I begged this time. "I'm sorry. It just.. It doesn't feel right."

He stopped at my words and I internally thanked to God. He was a nice guy, maybe he understands my concern.

But when he pulled back and glared at me, I but my lips in fear. His face was contorted with anger, his jaw was clenched and his eyes were hard. I've never seen him like this before.

"Stop being a fucking prude Emily." he growled and I flinched at his tone. "I'm not a pussy. I have needs and as my girlfriend, it is your duty to fulfill them." Saying this, he straddled me and kissed me hard, ignoring the plea that left my mouth. His hand hooked around the waistband of my jeans and he pulled it down.

Tears spilled down my eyes and I bit the insides of my cheeks. I couldn't understand what was happening to me. Was this normal for a couple or I was getting raped? I couldn't understand.

He spreaded my legs with a jerk and I blushed red in shame because I was just wearing a bra and an underwear. He then began undressing himself, first his shirt and then his pants. I tried to move but my limbs felt like they didn't have any strength left. My head was aching and tears were blinding my vision.

"Plea.. Please." I said when his hands reached the hem of my panties. I closed my eyes in fear and prayed for my safety silently. "You're gonna love it." he said and I was sure I won't.

His hands were still on my panties when the door shot open and someone barged inside. With my blurred vision, I couldn't see properly but someone had grabbed Damien by his neck and the same person was now hitting his face again and again. I don't remember how long he hit him because the last thing I remember was an angry growl before I succumbed to darkness.


How long is it between graduation and commencement of college classes?

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