22. Singing, Dancing, Existing

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We three decided to have a sleepover two days before the trip.

Sophia, Emily and I.

That explains why we were collapsed on my bed, with F.R.I.E.N.D.S playing on my laptop screen and the empty pizza boxes lying on my room's floor. I rubbed my hands over my belly area and groaned at its fullness. Both of them laughed at my action. Instead of getting embarrassed, I joined them too and soon, it was all three of us, laughing crazily.

"I guess I should empty my bladder first." Sophia said when I opened another can of Sprite.

"Hey. Isn't it Adam? I didn't know your rooms are that close." Sophia said when she looked out through the window.

"Hey Sophia." I heard Adam's muffled voice and a frown appeared on my face.

"Hey Adam. What's up?" she asked him which he answered briefly.

After Sophia had walked into the bathroom, I stood up and closed the windows, but not before momentarily gawking at Adam.

"What was that?" Emily asked when I sat down on the bed again.

"What?" I asked.

"The jealous vibes when Sophia talked to Adam. It was so evident on your face." she said in confusion.

"Jealousy?" I laughed. "Why would I be jealous?"

"I don't know. You tell me." she crossed her arms and asked.

"I am not jealous." I said warily and started scrolling down my phone.

"Al?" she started again. "Do you like Adam?"

My heart skipped a beat and I suddenly felt tongue-tied.

"Who likes Adam?" Sophia asked as she made her way to my bed.

"Nobody." I exasperated, feeling suddenly stripped off.

"Oh. So you do." Sophia smirked and I groaned. As much as I loved my friends, I didn't appreciate their interrogation. Adam and I, the concept sounded very foreign to me. He couldn't even bear my sight, let alone like me.

"Ok. Topic change. What about Andrew and you? Is it just some sort of fling or an actual relationship?" I asked, diverting the spotlight from me.

"Well... As much as I'd want it to be something more, it is not possible." she grieved, looking sad all of sudden.

"Why?" Emily inquired.

"Because of my dad. He wants me to join Stanford and he said any long term relationship will decrease my chances of getting in." she replied.

"Oh Soph." Emily moved forwards and gave Sophia her famous bear-hug which probably had some magical healing powers.

"I'm fine guys. Sophia Stone is made of steel. She ain't breaking anytime soon." she chuckled but I could see the sadness in her eyes.

For few minutes, silence prevailed between us and nobody dared to speak.

"Okay let's forget about all the stupid boys and focus our attention on Chandler Bing." Emily broke the silence, laughing.

"Best idea." I commented, forgetting about Adam momentarily. "Like seriously, could this man be more awesome?"

"Exactly." Sophia raised her hand and we all started chuckling.


Dad stopped the car in front of Redwood High and turned his attention to me, "Take care Ali."

"I will, dad." I said and passed him a toothy grin.

"Have you kept snacks with you? And mobile charger?" he looked around in panic. "What about painkillers? A first aid box too? In fact -"

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