44. Messing With The Wrong Person

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Dad and I were sitting on the dining table, eating the delicious Chinese food that we had just ordered, talking about his business trip. Apparently, he had signed a deal to buy a new hotel with Uncle Alessandro after I move out for college.

"I got my acceptance letter from NYU." I told him and his hands stopped. He looked at me, surprised that I hadn't told him this as soon as he entered in the house.

"Why didn't you tell me before?" he asked, his voice excited.

"Because I'm waiting for my acceptance in an Ivy League school." I replied.

"You'll get one dear. Let's just celebrate your acceptance in NYU for now." he said. "We'll dine out tomorrow. A fancy dinner in a nice hotel. You can invite Emily and Sophia too."

"Dad. It's no biggie." I said but he glared back at me.

"Of course it is, sweetheart." he responded.

Well, what's the harm in having a nice dinner!

I thought for a second and Adam's face appeared in front of my eyes. "Dad." I trailed off. "Can I invite Adam too?"

I gulped, noticing the weird expressions that appeared on his face.

"He has helped me a lot in Calculus so I owe him a dinner." I cleared and Dad's features relaxed.

"Sure." he said, diverting his attention back to his noodles.

I was on my last dumpling when the door bell rang. Dad excused himself to open the door while I poured a glass of water for myself and drank it.

"Alicia!" Dad's voice reached my ears. I turned around to watch Dad and the person behind him who had a sheepish expression on his face.


"I need some help in the homework." he said, his face blank.

He need help. From me. In homework. Am I dreaming?

My eyes shifted to Dad before I finally focused them back on Adam. "Sure." I said.

I slowly marched towards my room, followed by Adam. His steps were small and silent, unlike my irregular one. As soon as I stepped inside my room, he closed the door. Before I could speak anything, he gripped my wrist, pinned me against the door and planted his lips on mine.

For a moment, I stood there shocked but then I gave in and returned his kiss with the same passion. His tongue teased the entrance of my mouth, flicking slowly until I opened my mouth and gave him entrance.

Butterflies erupted in my tummy when his tongue invaded my mouth, creating tingles that shot straight to my core. My skin itched to pull him closer so I wrapped my arms around his torso and almost glued myself to him.

I moaned lightly, breaking the kiss before trailing light kisses on his strong jaw. "I can't keep my mind off you." he admitted, groaning slightly and I smiled proudly, knowing that I have same effect on him.

Before the kiss could escalate, I pushed Adam away, observing the frown that made its way to his face.

"You do know my Dad will kill you with bare hands if he catches us making out?" I said, more like asked.

"No. He won't." he countered. "He would be happy that her daughter is with a sane person, not some crappy, hormonal teenager."

"Ha ha ha. You wish Mister." I rolled my eyes and sat down on the couch in my room.

"So what? Am I supposed to tell your Dad what's going on between us?" he asked.

"Well, now that you have talked about it. What is going on between us?" I raised my eyebrows inquired.

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