37. Salted Caramel Tart

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I traced my fingers along the borders of his abs, trying my best not to wake him up. From downstairs, I could hear the voice of Dad, announcing something to the guests and I contemplated whether to go join him or not. Adam's embrace was too comfortable to leave so I decided against it and tightened my hold on his torso, resting my head back at his warm chest and pulling the comforter over us.

His caresses, his kisses made an appearance in my mind and I bit my lower lip to stop myself from smiling. After kissing for what felt like hours, we both were so exhausted that we didn't realize when we succumbed to sleep. I woke up half an hour later and from the last twenty minutes, I have been enjoying the freedom of staring at him which might not last longer.

Adam's body shifted beneath me and the next moment, his steady breaths turned harsh. I lifted my head up and watched him as he slowly opened his eyes to narrow slits and looked at me with baffled expressions.

"Don't worry. I didn't deflower you." I chuckled, pulling away from him, afraid of what he would say next.

He looked towards the clock and rubbed his eyes, still looking slightly disoriented. "How long did I sleep?" he asked, running his fingers through his hair.

"One hour." I told him and he heaved a sigh.

Then I guess he finally remembered what had happened between us, if judging by the blush that crept up his cheek. He looked at me, opened his mouth to say something, closed it and then turned his face away.

The air between us grew awkward with every passing second. Like what were we supposed to say, compliment each other's kissing skills?

At last, I stood up and picking up his shirt from the floor, chucked it back to him. He stood up too and slipped into the shirt while I looked at myself in the mirror, assessing my appearance. My hair was completely disheveled and the my makeup was smudged. I blushed hard when I found out that the zip of my dress was tugged downwards to my waist. With fumbling hands, I tried to pull it up but failed, all the time feeling Adam's gaze on me.

He walked towards me, stopping right behind me. I lowered my gaze to the floor shyly as he pulled the zip up, goosebumps appeared on my skin wherever his knuckles touch.

"Thanks." I muttered without looking at him.

"Alicia!" he said my name and I instantly remembered how he had moaned when I kissed him.

"Yeah?" I asked, gulping.

"Just for record, I don't regret anything I did." he said and when I lifted my eyes to his face, I found him smiling. Well, more like the corner of his lips was pulled upwards but still. A warm feeling erupted inside my chest and I smiled back, fighting the urge to make out with him once again.

"Me too." I managed to say, despite the lump in my throat.

Our gaze locked for a minute after which, I turned my eyes back to the mirror and he made his way out of my room. After he had left, I couldn't help but jump up in happiness.


The first person that appeared in my mind after waking up was Adam. I smiled involuntarily and stretched my limbs, letting out a loud yawn before hopping out of the bed.

Last night, the party continued till 2am and it was almost 4 in the morning when I finally slept. That explains why I was waking up at 1pm. Fortunately it was Sunday so I didn't have to skip school.

Doing my morning routine, I took a shower and changed into jeans and sweater and after pulling my hair up in a bun, I descended the stairs and flopped on the couch of living room.

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