45. The Moment Of Truth

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I spent my afternoon pampering myself for the dinner. Although there was no special occasion, I figured that it would be better to spend a day just for myself. I plucked my eyebrows, waxed my legs and then applied some rejuvenating masks on my face.

At almost 7pm, I was ready for the dinner, dressed in a pink pencil skirt and black top, light makeup enhancing my features and my hair perfectly straightened.

It took us about half an hour to reach the magnificent hotel. I smiled, knowing that if Mom had been alive, she would have killed Dad for booking such an expensive place for a simple dinner.

One of the waiters led us to the seat Dad had booked. We settled on it and waited for the others to join us. Emily reached just few minutes after we had arrived while Sophia and Adam arrived about twenty minutes late.

Adam looked really handsome in the blue jeans and black button-up shirt with the sleeves folded to her elbows, showing off his muscular forearms and protruding veins.

I winked at him when our eyes met, making sure nobody saw me doing that. His cheeks turned red and he coughed, turning his face away from me.

"Mr. King, it's a pleasure to meet you." Sophia giggled, using the voice she used whenever she tried to flirt with someone. I mentally gagged at the image of my friend flirting with my father and kicked her shin with my heel.

She muttered "sorry" under her breath and turned her attention back to the menu card. "It's a pleasure to meet my daughter's friends." Dad replied.

"So Adam, Alicia told me that you are going to Columbia University." Dad asked, eyeing him up and down.

"Yes sir." he said, making a serious face while I tried to make him laugh by winking at him once again.

All five of us ordered our food then and despite the fact that the dinner was on us, Adam ordered the cheapest item on the menu which was a cucumber salad. Not wanting to make him feel weird or awkward, I ordered the same salad too, saying my stomach was already full.

Dad left after the waiter had jotted down our order to answer some call while I turned my attention back to Adam. "Someone cleaned up nice." I teased him, earning an eye roll from him.

"Wish I could say the same for you." he retorted back but I could see the appreciation in his eyes when he entered.

"So you don't think I'm looking pretty?" I asked, clicking my tongue.

"Nope. Isn't it obvious?" he said and I scoffed, turning my face away from him.

I spent the next few minutes catching up with Sophia about her practice for cheerleading competition while Adam sat silent, probably bored as hell.

Dad returned soon and called me to a corner. "Is it okay if I leave? There is an emergency in the office." he asked.

I pouted for a moment but then sighed and smiled. "Sure Dad. We will be fine."

"Here. Take my credit card." he said and gave it to me.

After excusing himself from my friends, he kissed the top of my head and trudged towards the exit of the hotel.

The waiter served the food soon after. The delicious aroma of Dad's steak reached my nose and I decided to divide it between Adam and I, despite his refusal to do so.

"Awww. Look at you two sharing food." Sophia teased and Adam once again turned flustered.

"I guess they are practicing for future." Emily added and I giggled at her words while Adam just groaned beside me.

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