2. I Officially Hate New York

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"Are you new in this town?" Emily asked, taking a bite out of her sandwich.

"Yeah. We had to shift from our house in Florida because of my father's business." I replied as I looked around the cafe. Most of the students were silently eating their lunch while few groups were happily joking around. In the table behind us, few girls were engaged in a very heated discussion about a hot college boy.

"Oh." she muttered. "I hope you will adjust to this city soon. You are beautiful, people will like you."

"Umm.." I stammered awkwardly.

"Ugh. Not again." Emily's face suddenly paled and she placed the sandwich back on her plate. I followed her eyes and found her staring at a girl. Not just any girl, but an extremely gorgeous one who didn't look like a high school student from any angle.

She was swaying her way towards our table. Her off-shoulder red was highlighting her lean figure and her dark brown hair was straighter than the 'A' s I scored in my last school.

"Hey Em." she stopped in front of Emily and cast a cold glance at her with her blue eyes.

"Chloe." Emily answered lowly, her nervousness was visible from the way she was playing with the hem of her top.

"Don't worry. I won't take much of your time. I was just waiting for Justin." she replied in a smooth voice, a hint of taunt was apparent in her tone. Emily's face scrunched badly at the mention of Justin.

"Sweety, how many times have I told you to stay away from carbs. These are bad for you." she pushed the plate away from her. "Look at your double chin and flabby stomach. It looks hideous to be honest." she continued. Emily's lower lip was trembling under her scrutiny.

What the hell is going on in here?

"Now, be a good girl and go order a salad." she passed her a fake smile.

"Are you mad or what?" I yelled in irritation at little Miss. Perfect. "Why are you trying to lower her self-esteem when she is clearly not fat? Besides suppose even if she is, it's none of your fucking business."

I could feel all the eyes on me, considering my loud tone. But I couldn't care less.

"Can you please lower your voice? My head will start aching." her smirk didn't falter.

"Besides, it is my business. Right Em? How is dad by the way? Still happy with his choice Or has he realized that her favorite daughter is nothing but a carb-eating hippo." her voice turned suddenly hard at the end. I would have slapped her perfect face if it was not for Emily's begging glances.

That bitch left the table without bothering to hear any reply. She swayed her hips and walked towards the cafeteria entrance where a tall boy in a black leather jacket was standing. She circled her arms around his neck and attached her lips with his.

I averted my eyes to Emily and found her staring at them with tear-filled eyes.

"Emily?" I patted her hand.

"You are wondering who she is, right?" she whispered. "Chloe Parker. My caring sister." she muttered sarcastically under her breath.

"Sister? As in step-sister?" I asked in confusion.

"No. We share the same parents." she cleared. "But after their divorce, dad chose me and she has no other choice than to go with mom."

"She is a bitch." I commented, still watching their public display of affection.

"It's our mother's fault. She never taught her the difference between right and wrong." she spoke.

"And who is that?" I pointed at the black-haired guy she was kissing.

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