41. Such A Girl

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Adam has a twin sister?

I stood there shocked, while the girl's eyes trailed over me from head to toe. Breaking out of my surprised state, I finally mustered up some courage and pulled out my hand for a shake, whispering a "Hi".

She looked between my hand and my face, a wave of sadness passed through her face which she hid with a sweet smile.

She's quadriplegic dimwit!

Realizing what I just did, I pulled my hand back and stuttered, "Um.. I'm.. I'm really sorry. I didn't.."

"It's okay." she smiled and moved her eyes back to her brother. "Who is she Adam?"

Adam's eyes flickered to me and an awkward smile graced his lips. "She's Alicia.. She's a..umm... Friend. Yeah, friend."

"Just friend?" she raised her eyebrows and smirked. "You don't introduce me to your just friends."

I chuckled when Adam rubbed the back of her head nervously. Not everyone has that kind of hold over him.

"Tell me something Alicia. Does my brother has any friends or he is still the same lone wolf?"

"Well, not everyone can tolerate his mood swings." I said and he rolled his eyes. "I swear he is worse than a woman on her periods."

She grinned, her eyes twinkling with mischief. Though they both looked almost same, there were many differences between them and I had figured it out in just five minutes of meeting her. She had a hint of mischief in her grey eyes unlike him.

"I like you." she said in an happy voice. "You have Adaline McArdle's stamp of approval."

I laughed at her words. "Well, you are officially my favorite McArdle now."

"Well, who knows. You might be a McArdle yourself one day." she said in a serious tone and Adam and I, both choked on the air.

"Adaline!" Adam scolded, glaring at her.

Surprisingly, she didn't avert her eyes like most of us do. Instead, she matched his glare with her own grey orbs, both identical pairs glowered at each other, like a predator watching his prey. The nurse intervened in time before both could kill each other with their looks, asking us to leave as it was time of her physiotherapy.

But while we were exiting her room, Adaline stopped Adam to tell him something. He asked me to go forwards while he talk to her and even though I didn't want to eavesdrop, I caught her words that were "He came to meet me last night."

Curiosity peeked inside me but I preferred not to listen further and walked out of the corridor to the reception. After few minutes, Adam joined me too and we both walked out of this centre, with I following him silently.

There were many questions in my mind, many ambiguities that I wanted to clear. He must have noticed my confusion because instead of making his way to the bike, he took a turn around the corner of the building.

"Where are we going?" I asked, looking around but he didn't answer. I got my response when he sat down on a wooden bench in the deserted area behind the rehabilitation centre.

"You must have many questions in your mind?" he said and patted the space beside him. I nodded and walked to him, sitting down beside him.

"What happened to her?" I asked, my voice cautious because I didn't know if it was okay for me to ask about it.

"Spinal cord injury. We were eleven that time, when she got injured in a car accident." he told me and I listened silently, my heart felt heavy due to the sadness. How difficult it must be for her!

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