Bathtub Love

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You are at home alone running a hot bubble bath because your body is so sore from working out earlier today.

Your dip your hand in the water making sure the temperature was to your liking.You walk to the sink and grab the scrunchy that is on the counter and you tie your hair up and you dim the lights alittle making sure it wasn't to dark.You take off your robe and get in the enormous tub,once you get in the tub you feel your muscles relax and you basically melt inside the water.Your so relaxed that you don't even hear Blake come in the house, your eyes are closed and all of a sudden you feel someone touch your shoulder and you jump and hold on to your chest

"Oh My Gosh Blake I Almost Had A Heart Attack!"

"Im sorry babe." He says chuckling

He sits on the edge of the tub and you calm down,close your eyes,and sink back into the water.You realize he is still there so you open one eye and look at him

"Umm may i help you sir?"

"Yes you may."

"And what can i help you with?"

"I would love to join you in the tub,if that's ok with you im a little sore."

You smile,"Sure go ahead."

He takes off his practice clothes and gets in the tub with you,you hear him sigh in relief as he gets in behind you.He lays back and you lay against his chest and he plants soft kisses on your shoulder,you moan softly which gives Blake the green light.He wraps he hands around your body and he massages your breasts,you throw your head back on his shoulder and bite your lip.His hands travels lower to your kitty and he enters two finger in you

"Mmm Blake.."

He nibbles on your ear as his fingers pick up the pace and you groan and grip onto the side of the tub.Your breathing starts to become rapid and he starts to rub your clit


You come and you turn over straddling Blake's waist,grinding on him slowly teasing him.He grabs your waist putting his tip in you and slamming you on him making water splash everywhere.

"Ah Shit..Blake please,deeper."

He thrust his hips up against yours and you bury your head in his neck and moan which turns him on even more

"Fuck baby ride faster!"

You bite his neck and ride faster making the water go back and forth in the tub.Blake groans loudly digging his nails deep into your sides leaving scratches but you were too deep in ecstasy to feel the pain.

"I-im Going To Cum.." he says

A great feeling builds in your stomach

"I A-am To!"

You both hold each other tight letting out little curse words.Blake gives two more small thrust and you both stay in the position that you both are in.


"Yeah babe."

"I came in here to get less sore not to become more sore."

Blake chuckles before kissing your cheek.

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