Just Let Me Finish

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I lay on the couch watching TV Netflix is my life, when I hear Blake come out of the shower.
Blake leans over me wearing nothing but boxers, smelling hella good fresh. He trys to get under the blanket with me.
"Move" Blake said smiling "give me room"
"Blake I'm not doing this tonight you and I both know your not going to watch this with me, your just trying play I gotta finish the season" I say serious but not expecting to be taken seriously.
"No babe I promise" he said obviously trying to make a serious face" I know how much you love and watch this so I might as well get the hang of it, so when you do watch it I won't be miserable"
I squinted my eyes to let him know I meant business, he raised his eyebrows as if they were asking for permission.
I raise the blanket up to signal him to get under with me" come on" I say secretly wanting his body next to mine but also wanting to finish my show.
He gets behind me and adjust the blanket to cover us both. He puts his hand under my arm and on my stomach. I quiver a little at the touch of him, his gigantic body wrapped and laced with mine.
Moments go by and Blake starts to ask questions about the show as if he was really interested or was he trying to make me feel that way.
"OK babe so why is everyone getting suspicious of that Guy, what did he do?" Blake said pointing to the TV because he doesn't know names yet.
" He has a past and everyone is just now finding out about it so they are connecting him with they murders" I say giving him the benefit of the doubt of his interest in the show.
As I speak I start to feel his hand that was once on my stomach go under my bra and caress one of boobs.
"Blake, what are you doing?" I knew it was too good to be true."my hand is cold" he buried his face in the crest of my neck to hide his lying face."whatever" I knew he was lying but I'm not going to stop him. At this point the show was almost over the suspense was gone and I knew what was going to happen.
"well if your hand is warm you should put it in a warm place" I say with a smile. I take his hand from under my bra and put them in my panties.
A small gasp came from Blake, I chuckle, he waits a little bit to see if I knew what I was doing, but once he knew he took full advantage.
I could feel his hand rubbing softly and I start to breath hard. "Mmh Blake go faster" I say closing my eyes. Blake said nothing but did as I said. He started to kiss my neck the sensation was hard to bare. The faster he rubbed and the more he kissed made me so wet and eager to have him. "Blake give it to me" I say desperate. He moves from my neck to my lips, I have never wanted his lips against mine so bad. We kiss intensely, our tongues basically fighting each other, all while his hand rubs my clit. Blake slowly puts me on my back, and takes off my panties all while never breaking the kiss. I felt his hand above my head meaning he was positioning himself. All while I'm thinking I fell the tip of him inside if me. "Mmmh fuck" I arch my back and groan in discomfort its always difficult for me to adjust to his size. "Fuck your so tight" Blake moaned out while trying to put all of him inside of me. I grip the blanket, bite my lip and wait for the anticipation of feeling all of him inside of me. Blake licks his lips while looking at me and then ask "can you take it" I stop at his cockiness we have had sex plenty of times before so why is he questioning my ability. "Yeah" I say. "We'll see" Blake smirked. He pushing himself in me with one stroke. "FUCK" I scream out surprised. Blake pounds in and out of me showing no mercy. "Blake stop I can't take it" I moan out it pleasure near to climax die to his rapid strokes. "Shhh" Blake kissed me while he kissed me his strokes slowed down. He went slow and deep while his tongue took control in my mouth. Blake kissed my face to the side and licked my neck. Blake went back to it he forced himself in and out of me. "Blake please let my cum I can't take it"I say digging my nails in his back, while the sweat from his body drops on my stomach. "Do it" he said still ramming into me. "Ahhhhh fuck Blake yes" I moan as I have a large orgasm, which made it extra wet down there. "God your so wet" blake murmured under his breath. "Fuck baby I---" Blake said out before he was about to climax . "I'm about to cum" Blake said. "Do it baby cum for me" I mock him. He buried his face in my neck"Uh fuck" he moaned out as he reached his peak inside of me. Blake stared into my eyes causing my to smile. "What Blake" I ask Blake looked away and looked at the TV. "Nothing I just, really like this show" he smiled "Yeah I like it too" I laugh. He leaned down and kissed me passionately. I ponder to myself we should watch shows together more often.
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