The First Weekend

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I sat patiently on the couch watching tv waiting for Blake to come home. He left like an hour ago to go pick up Ford, and brynn lives around 30 minutes away so he should be on his way back. this was the first time brynn let Ford stay for the night, it would be a whole weekend but she likes to take the kids to church with her on Sundays.Not too long after my show went off blake came in through the door, holding a baby bag and a car seat with a sleeping Ford inside. I couldnt help but blush at the site of seeing my baby with his baby. Blake comes over to me and sits ford down by me on the couch as he sits down and takes a breath.

"You okay?" I ask while breaking my stare from the baby and glancing over to him.

"Yeah I'm fine just a little tired from practice that's all, you okay? How was your day?"

" I'm good just a little exhausted from making everything child safety and sanitizing like craz-" I stopped talking when I seen the slightest movement from Ford.

"Babe, you okay" Blake asked seeming really curious.

" Yeah I'm fine this is just the first time he , I don't know babe I guess I'm just a little paranoid I want him to safe at all times"

Blake made a funny face an then giggled before he spoke "He is just in his car know what I think your motherly instincts are kicking in".

" Speaking of his car seat don't you think you should take him out and put him in his crib" I say with a little sass.

Blake gets up as if he was going to do as I suggested but instead he leans down and whispers in my ear.

"You do it"He said very slow and sensual before giving me a kiss on the cheek and making his way upstairs to what look like to be our bedroom. I get up and throw the baby bag over my shoulder and carry the car seat with ford in it with both hands up the stairs towards fords room.

"Gosh your a little heavy, but your bound to be being your fathers son" I say as I make my way up stairs into the room which is conveniently right next door to ours.

I laid Ford in the crib and he wiggled around a bit but fell right back asleep. I Wait a little minute just staring at the child and I couldn't help but think that this child should be mine. I quickly get rid of those thoughts and start to feel grateful to have a beautiful healthy stepson.

I feel a pair of hands wrap and hook around my hips I jump a little and turn around just to find blake.

"Did you set up the monitor?" Blake queried.

"No I was just about to." I say trying to convince him that I had not forgot.

" OK..well what do you want for dinner ill go get something?"

"Uh.. It doesn't matter, ford has food though right? I asked just to be sure.

"Are you kidding? He has a ton I have no idea why she packed so much for one night"

I stop setting up the monitor for a second and I look at him before I said "well he is your son"

Blake gasped and acted as if he was shocked he's such a fool.

" Are you calling me fat babe is that what you're saying" he said in his best high pitched girl voice.

I continue to set up the monitor and finished without replying but grinning ear to ear.

" oh OK, I see how it is" Blake walked out and went downstairs I heard him get his car keys and leave I guess he was going to go get dinner.

I laughed when he left but not too loud.

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