Just Talk

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"Do we ever just 'talk' anymore?" He asked, jokingly.

"Why don't we talk in the bedroom?"

"Or in the kitchen? Or on the couch?" He grinned into neck before biting softly. I squirmed against him and the wall, a moan escaping my lips. "Or maybe right here?"

"I'm so glad I came over," I said as I took his face into my hands again and brought him up to kiss me again. This time he lifted me off the wall and brought me towards the couch. The steps were too far away, and to be honest, any surface would do at this point. I wanted him and only him - extremely bad. And I was gunna have him anywhere I could.

"We can talk later," Blake said as he laid me down onto the cushions. He climbed on top of me like an animal. "I want you right now."

And how could I deny him that?

His mouth collided onto mine with slightly hesitated force as he lift my legs to wrap around him. He propped my legs up on his knees and continued to bury my lips with his. I clawed at the back of his t shirt, desperate to tear it off, and he hurriedly took it off and threw it to the side. His hips rocked back and forth against mine, causing quick, hot streaks of friction between us and I held him tighter. Wet lips moved from down to my neck as he kept his rhythm, all the while trying to undress me at the same time. He leaned back to pull my shirt off and I took the opportunity to change the roles.

As soon as he leaned back, I sat up and pushed him down against the opposite side of the couch, fitting perfectly in his lap. I caught him grin before he settled his large hands on my waist and pulled me in for another dose of his lips. With one hand behind his head to prop me up, I slid the other hand down his torso, and right into his loose sweatpants. He pressed himself against my hand as soon as I did, and gripped is hold on me. He even gasped at my touch.

He was already rock hard. I could feel his full length through his boxers, refusing to give him the benefit of my bare touch just yet. I rubbed the tip of it with my thumb, and he let out a groan against my lips. I took that chance and slipped my tongue into his mouth and wrestled with his, smiling at his submissiveness. As soon as he started to grind against my hand, I moved it away,and he groaned again out of a mix of frustration and pleasure. "Fuck," I heard him let out before he took my hips and forced them down against his lap, rocking them back and forth, just like he did earlier.

I leaned back and proceeded to grind against him, like he wanted me to. He smiled up again as he slid his hands down my back, and into my shorts until they were fully resting on my ass. He leaned forward until he was vertical with me, and pressed me down against him as I continued to grind. He took a second to move a hand up and unclipped my bra with ease, and slipped it off of me before gripping my ass again. At this point we were breathing so heavy, we could barely keep our lips on each other. I gasped and moaned against his lips until the friction in his lap pushed me off the edge. "Fuck, I need you, now..."

I tore at his sweatpants as he quickly helped me slide them off. He didn't take his lips off mine as he pulled my shorts down, along with my panties, and threw them to the side.

I pushed him back down again and he held me tight as I grinded on him again, the only difference now being our parts being completely bare, and he can finally feel how much I wanted him.

He nibbled at my bottom lip and proceeded to enter, slow and deep. My whole body stiffened as I prepared myself for more of him. His warm breath came in waves against my lips as I moaned and whined for him. Its been months since I've felt him like this. Since we shared this type of bond. We came so close to it many times before but now that we're finally sharing it again, I want to hold onto it forever.

He rocked slow, and I rocked steady, but we we're both in perfect harmony, our bodies formed just right for each other. He held me, almost cradling, and bit down on my shoulder as our pace quickened. I pulled on his hair, and he pulled down on my hips, burying his face into my chest, nipping at my breast playfully. I let out so many moans, he damn well knew that he was doing it right.

With every move of his hips, it brought me closer and closer to my peak, and I wasn't ready to give in just yet. But as my moans grew louder, he sped up and deepened his thrusts until I was digging my nails into his back, and begging for release.

All at once, I tightened around him and we hit our climax so hard that it left us trembling against our still writhing, hot bodies, gasping for air.

"Fuck..." I said, in one breath. "Blake-.. Blake I love you so much,"

"Shhh," he said with a lazy smirk. He gave me a slow, passionate kiss before speaking again. " Hold that thought... we'll talk.

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