Ditching Dinner

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You and your boyfriend Blake are getting ready to go on a double date with DJ and his girlfriend.Blake is taking a shower and you had just finished taking yours.Your wrapped in a towel and your hair is in a wet messy bun, your going through your closet looking for something to wear

You:Hmm What to wear what to wear oh i can wear this

You hold up an orange sleeve dress that stops in the middle of your thighs it looked cute but it was to bright to you

You:Nah,oh this one is nice

You pull out a dark purple shoulderless dress that had ruffles at the top and it stops right at your knees,and you just decide that you are going to wear it.You hear the shower cut off and Blake comes out with a towel around his waist.He had water droplets dripping from his head to his chest to his abs and absorbing into the towel.Even though the sight of it was oh so delicious you guys had a dinner to go to.You looked at him,smiled and grab your underwear and bra out of your dresser,you get dressed in you clothes and spritz your fav perfume on.You go to the bathroom and straighten your hair and once you were done you walk out of the bathroom and see Blake sitting on the bed and he is still in his towel

You:Umm Blake why arent you dressed babe?

Blake:Because i dont want to go anymore

You:*whines*But babe i want to go out and have some fun

You walk up to him and he grabs your waist and brings you down on the bed with him so that your straddling his waist

Blake:*licks lips*You can stay and have fun with me*winks

You:*laughs*No you weirdo i dont wanna stay here with you we should just go and I'm pretty sure Dj really wants us to come

Blake grabs his iphone and calls someone

Blake:Yo Dj we can't make it tonight she doesnt feel to well

You try to grab Blake's cell phone and tell Dj that you actually did want to go and you also try to yell so Dj could here you but Blake Flipped you guys over so that he was on top and he covered your mouth with his free hand

Blake:No she isn't pregnant...Yeah i know...I'll tell her you said get better..alright..ok bye

He takes his hand off of your mouth and he gets off of you,you hit him on the chest making a loud smaking sound,he just covers his chest and laughs

You:Blake what the hell i wanted to go

You quickly stand up but Blake stands up behind you and grabs you

You:Blake let me go you pissed me of-*moans*

He had kissed a sweet spot on your shoulder and started to unzip your dress from the side.And he continued to kiss and suck on your neck

You:Bl-Blake stop i-im trying t-to be mad at y-you

Blake:Shh just relax babe i gotchu

You gave in.He pulled your dress all the way down and you stepped out of it.He unhooked your bra for you and threw it across the room.You got on the bed and Blake also got on,he got in between your legs and separated them slowly.He put his head in between them and pulled your pantiens off with his teeth while looking at you seductively,he then kissed from your ankle to your thighs and all the way to your kitty.He licked between your folds slowly and lightly blew on it,he flicked his tongue on your clit


You nibble on your bottom lip as Blake dips his tongue deeper into your folds

You:Oh Shit!Right there babe!

He was swirling his tongue in your and you pull his hair.He was giving you so much pleasure to the point where you try to run but he grabs your waist and pins you down

Blake:Don't run

He continues to eat you out

You:Fuck Im About To Cum

Blake stops and you are about to curse him out but then he takes his towel off,gets on top of you,and kisses you.As he's kissing you he enters you slowly.He nibbles on your ear and kisses it every once in a while and starts stroking faster.You grab onto his shoulder blades harder and harder as his strokes quickly turn into him pounding you.


Blake looks you in the eye and starts talking in a deep sexy voice

Blake:You want me to go deeper

You nod your head quickly and he turns you to the side and lifts your leg up

Blake:Is that *stroke* Deep enough *stroke* For you *stroke*

You speak barely above a whisper



And he goes harder


You grip the sheets almost riping them apart

Blake:What's my name?

Your voice starts to get hoarse from moaning and screaming

You:Uhh Blake

Blake:Say that A little bit louder babe

You:Sss Blake!



He smirks and decides to finish you off by going harder and rubbing your clit.You scream and cum digging your nails into the mattress and Blake cums while holding onto you.He breathes heavily and falls next to you,he turns his head and looks at you

Blake:You still think dinner would of been more fun than this


He chuckles and you both fall asleep cuddling.

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