Make it up to you

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Blake's pov:

Man I'm in shit central right now it seems like.. today I forgot it was y/n's and mine anniversary.. I can't believe I forgot.. so me and dj decided to go get a beer today after practice and we stayed pretty late plus my phone died.. it's 11:30 at night and I'm barely going home to my wife on our anniversary.. hopefully I don't Get killed.

Your pov:

I'm Sitting here in bed by myself on my Anniviersary.. I called Blake a hundred times and he hasnt answered.. I could so kill him right now .. if Blake does not walk in that door by 12 am god better take over my body If he doesn't want a murdered Blake Griffin


Blake Walkes in

"baby I'm so sorry you have to understand I forgot so much has been going on" Blake said in a hushed tone

"well it's okay.. Wait no it's not because how do you forget about a day that ment so much to us " I said almost crying

"look baby I'm sorry" Blake says sitting next to me

I start crying turning away from him

"baby look at me " he says tugging on my arm

She turns and he cups her small face in his hands

"let Me just make it up to you" he says wiping the tears off my face

as he did that he stared into her eyes and they begin to kiss

"baby.. baby stop" i say

"what's wrong?" Blake says

"every Time you do something wrong you think we can just have sex and Thats it " you say. "thats not true because we arent having sex were making love" he says they began to kiss again.As they did Blake started to pick hert

up and lay her down so hes on top. he started to take off his shirt so she did too..things start to get intense after that. He starts to kiss on her neck leaving marks everywere his lips met her skin.As he kissed down he undid her bra and kissed on her breast as he did that all that came out her mouth was moans... when he was done there he started to kiss her stomach down.. when his lips met her now Oh so wet clit his mouth automatically attached to it... as she tried to get out his grip he would just suck harder and harder.. once he was done down there he brought his mouth up and began to kiss her "ugh.. baby you aren't even done and I'm already hurting" you say out of breath

"I have that affect on people sometimes " Blake says cocky

then Blake pushed himself inside of her.. she tried to hide her face in a pillow but Blake pulled it out of her face and watched her moan... as she was getting closer and closer but Blake wasn't going to stop til he gets there.. Blake was so close but nya couldn't take it anymore she cummed so hard and as she did Blake did 2 and Blake feel on her.

The Next Morning:

Your pov

Last night was so magical I couldn't feel anything and I really had to pee.. and Blake had such a tight grip on my waste, but lucky I got out of it I peed and when I walked to the mirror I saw all the hickeys he left on my neck and my body..

he really does know how to make it up to me.

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