Did You Forget?

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I came home after a long day of work. Just wanting to take a hot bath and go to sleep.I walk in to a excited chaney but, a upset Blake.

"Hey babe" I walked over to him to give him a kiss but he surprisingly turned his head.

"Hi" he groaned

"OK" I said awkwardly "are you OK?"

He turned to me looking as upset as ever" you really don't know do you?"

I thought for a second" uhhh... was it something that happened yesterday ?"

He got up and walked up the stairs only to stop midway and turn around as if he was going to say something but just keep walking.

"WAS IT TODAY" I yell trying to get his attention before he walked into the room. He shut the door, not slammed but just shut it. This meant that he was really upset, if he would have slammed the door that would mean he was pissed.but what was he upset about. I sit on the couch in confusion and cut on the TV then hit the seat to signal chaney to come up.he did. I grab Chaney and rub his head"Chaney what happened, why is daddy upset?" Oh course he did nothing but jump all over me, he wanted to play. Blake walked out of the room dressed, nothing fancy but something to leave the house in. "Ill be back, I gotta go to a endorsement meeting" he said without looking me in my eyes. "OK, well when will you get back? So I can have dinner ready"I say just trying to get him to make conversation with me. "I don't really know, but don't worry about dinner I will get something on my way" he said seeming a little irritated. WHAT!!! Blake turning down food is unheard of, even if he was going to get something on the way he wouldn't tell me not to worry about dinner just so he could come home and eat again. "OK well, have a good meeting I love you" I say realizing I really fucked up. "Yeah" he walked out, but he did not just walk out he walked out without saying I love you. "What the fuck did I do?" I say to myself. My phone vibrates it was a text from deandre. DJ:"Hey sis what r u guys doing 2nite?" M:"nothing as far as I'm concerned plus I definitely don't think we're doing anything Blakes pissed at me for some reason?" DJ:" well he mit be pissed that there is not anything planned for his birthday" I almost drop my phone, realizing I forgot blakes birthday. I hurry and text back because I knew I had some things to do, I was going to need DJ's help. M:" oh my God DJ, I forgot!! I really need your help!!?!?!" DJ:" Oh so you think I'm just going to drop everything to help you because you forgot about your boyfriends birthday..." he texted joking. M:"ill cook you food!" DJ:"OK what do you need help with again?" !mission accomplished! M:" you going to the meeting thingy today right?" DJ:"yeah why? " M: I need you to keep Blake distracted for a few hours" DJ:"what's a few hours?" M: "um..at least till 8:00" DJ:"OK ill just take him to a movie afterwards. M:"OK thanks, but don't feed him!" DJ:"Women do you know who your dating? Do you know how difficult its going to be to walk PASS a concessions stand with Blake and NOT buy anything." M:" I'll make it up to you DJ I promise!!!!!" DJ:"OK till 8:00 then I'm letting the beast free M:"uh I love you thanks" I look at the clock and see its 5:30pm.SHIT! So much to do in so little time. I first get Chaney situated, I walk then fed him thank gosh its not bath day. Then I clean the house and spray fresher. I cook Blake his favorite meal of mine, sauteed chicken, yellow rice, and veggies. I Look at the clock it was 6:25pm. "OK I have time" I said practically running around the house to find my keys. I went to publix to get a cake, chocolate his favorite, I told the Baker to write "happy birthday Blake!" On it in cream cheese frosting. While the cake was being prepared I walked next door into a floral boutique and picked up dozens of rose petals. Then I walked into Michaels Arts and Crafts which was next door and got a dozen candles. After My shopping I went to Publix to get the cake and by that time it was 7:10pm. "Oh fuck" I say starting to panick. On my way home I saw a Victoria secret grand opening, so I decided to stop in really quick and pick up something special for him. I walk in a see a black laced Teddy with knee high stockings for $80.00. "Not bad" I looked for my size and bought it. I was walking to my car on my way home and saw a late text from DJ. DJ:"hope your ready, the movie ends at 8:45pm" M:"yeah I'm ready thanks, and DJ let's keep this between us OK?" M:"yeah and tell people I made a deal for food so I can sound greedy, this is definitely our secret" I laugh and start my car knowing that the movie ended at 8:45pm gave me extra time. "7:50pm good timing"I congratulate myself. I get home around 8 which gave my enough time to set up. I put the cake on the counter and put candles in them, then went to the next bag. I opened the rose petals and made a trail from the door up the stairs, to our bedroom. I filled up the tub with steaming hot water and added rose petals, this way it would be hot when he came. I put the remainder of roses on our bed and in the sheets. I got a text from DJ. DJ:"movies over he is heading your way" M:"k, thanks" I Took a quick shower then went downstairs to get the VS bag. While I was there I grab a few candles as well. I ran upstairs and put on the lingerie that hugged my body and my curves so well.but went in our closet to put on a oversized clippers shirt that was like a gown on me. As a decoy outfit. I walked out of the closet and lit candles around the tub. I ran downstairs almost tripping to light the last few candles, and dim the lights. Just as i lit the last candle I heard keys in the door, Blake was home. "Chaney were a--" Blake stopped once he seen the scenery. A big smile formed on his face but he looked down quickly trying to hide it and pretend to still be upset. "What's all this?" Blake asked with a serious face. "Its for the birthday boy" I said walking over and putting my arms around him. "You remembered" he whispered before putting his hands on my hips and kissing my lips. The kiss got intense very quickly, I could feel Blake rubbing his tongue against my bottom lip to deepen the kiss. "Mmhh ...wait" I managed to say, I cooked. "I can smell it"he said fast just trying to get back to the kissing. "Blake go eat" I Dodge his lips. "I plan on it" he said in a very sexual way which made it hard to pull away from his lips and his arms. "At least go take a bath first, I don't want to you know ....while your dirty you've been out all day"I said just trying to get him upstairs. "Fine" he sighed then i grabbed his hand leading him upstairs. I walked into our restroom and looked at him his reaction was priceless. "Babe you didn't have to do all of this" he said then looked into my eyes. "I know but I wanted to"I say proud that he was enjoying it. " because you wanted to?" He said with a slick look on his face. "Yeah" I peaked his lips about to walk out so he could enjoy his bath. He grabbed me by my waist and pushed me against the nearest wall.he started to kiss me. I tried to make everything go as planned but it was hard with him tempting me the way he was. I tried to fight it but I gave up, it is really difficult to turn down such a man. But the least I could do if it was going to happen was take control.so I did. I pull away quick and walk to the bed. I turn around. I motioned with my finger and said"come here". He did, trying to kiss me but I turned my head. "Sit down" I say very demanding. He sat on the edge on the bed. I started to grind on his lap which made him very hard. I start to give him a lapdancing, I start touching myself, rubbing my body in front of and against him. I could hear him let out small moans. I was teasing him so bad. He gripped me hips hard, so hard it made me stop and look at him. "Baby please can I have it" he said sounding really eager. "Shhh" I said before I peaked his lips one time and pushing him back. I was practical dry humping him, the more I did it the more I wanted it. I started to enjoy it. While on top of him I slowly start to take out my clippers shirt revealing my lingerie. "Fuck" I could hear him say under his breath. I smile at the comment and ease myself off of him. "What happe- what are you doing? What's wrong? He said eager to know why I stopped. I get on my knees and start to unbuckle his belt. "If I have to tell you to be quiet one more time" I say In a demanding tone. My head disappeared and he threw his head back. "Uh...fuck, mmhh" he moaned out which started out as low and quiet moans but changed. I sucked harder then ever trying to make him moan my name. I could feel his hand on my head running his fingers through my hair. All you could hear was him moaning and slurping coming from me. I pulled my mouth away and used my hand for a second. "Say my name baby say my name" I said my mouth all wet and out of breath but not stopping until I hear it. He looked at me and smiled a evil smile, that was like saying no, well challenge excepted. I was stroking with my hand and licked the tip. "Ahha" I could hear him moan. I flick my tongue back and forth before I start to suck just the tip as hard as I could. "Fuck, MICHELLE " he finally moaned out, right before he came. Bingo I say in my head I let him cum in my mouth (which I never do). He loved that. I could hear him panting, which was a turn on.so I did what I have been wanting to. I took off my panties leaving on my knee highs and got on top of him. With his head still back I put him inside of me. As soon as I did he looked up with a shocked expression. "God your so fucking tight" he moaned out. I let out a small moan after putting all of him in me. His size alone felt amazing. I started to ride him slow at first but then I sped up. "Uh-fuck Blake your so big" I moan out. Blake sat up and gripped my waist. He brought himself to my ear. "Do you like it baby"he said then started kissing my neck. "I love it" I moan out hopelessly. He stopped kissing my neck, then moaned and went straight to my ear again. "Tell me how it feels baby" Blake said grabbing hands and putting them behind my back. That made it difficult to do anything, but intensified the pleasure of fucking him 10 times more. "Uh-it feels g-- fuck Blake ah" I moan out trying to finish my sentence. He turned us over so that he was on top of me. And slammed his body into mine. "UH GOD..MMH" I scream Blake pins my hands above my head. "How does it feel?!?" He basically yells. "Good so fucking good" I managed to say with the little breath I had. He strokes started to slow down, sweat dripping from his red face, he looked into my eyes then kissed my lips. Still stroking in and out of me slowly he says.. "Who's pussy is this?" He never broke eye contact. I was lost for words because Blake never said that before, but it made me so hot. When I didn't answer in time he said... "Oh OK" before giving one last slow deep stroke, then pounding himself in to me. The sounds of my wet pussy being pounded and my moans made him go faster. "Blake I'm about to cum" I say nearly seconds away from climax. He stopped, before having what I felt to be one of the best and biggest orgasms he stopped. He kissed my breast then my tummy through the lingerie. He made his way to my Kitty and spread my legs apart holding then down, while he kissed it. "Mmhh" he moaned as if I tasted good. He put my legs on his shoulders, and his head disappeared between my legs. Only seeing the top of his head I was anticipating the moment I felt his tongue. He slowly glided his tongue up and down my pussy making it wetter. He gripped my thighs tight before flicking his tongue faster then I had ever felt before. "Oh yes,just like that baby don't stop" I begged. He didnt he licked me raw.he stopped flicked his tongue and started to suck. This felt even better, this made me grab his hair. Maybe it was too hard because he grabbed my hands and pinned them down, forcing me to just take it. "So wet" I could hear him say as he let go of one of my hands. He pushed my leg down a little off his shoulder so that I was open. He slide a finger in me while putting his head back down to suck. "Oh fuck Blake I can't take it" When I said that I could feel him smile. He then pushed my leg completely off of his shoulder and put two fingers in me slowly. "No, Blake please don't"I pleaded he didn't Listen. He rapidly forced his fingers in and out of me super fast causing him to make a gushy sound. "BLAKE I'm going to cum"I say as a warning. He stopped pumping his fingers in me. He lifted his head up and smiled before he wiped his mouth. "Turn around" he said in the sexiest deepest voice possible. I did as told I turned around.only to be picked up by my lingerie, this action caused me to be on all fours. I felt his hand rub my ass before feeling the tip of his manhood in side of me. He showed me mercy and put it in slow. His mercy only lasted so long. "Fuck" he said at how good I felt. He went harder with each stroke. "Deeper baby please" I moan out really exhausted. He went deep. "Who's pussy is it?" He said for the second time that night. I wasn't focused, I was moaning uncontrollable at him fucking me at such a fast pace. He smacked my ass hard causing me to squeal. "Ow Blake" I loved it the pain and pleasure mixed with his aggression. "Answer Me" he yelled. He pulled my hair hard while fucking me. There was moans and sounds of smacking in the air before I finally said. "Fuck BLAKE its yours" I was in tears from the pleasure. Blake let go of my hair and put his hands on my hips for faster harder strokes. "Baby can I cum?"I asked to make him to feel special. "Yes baby cum for me" I gripped the sheets and bit my lip as I cum, while Blake was still inside of me. Blake started to slow down meaning he was close. "Come here" he said to me. Tired and exhausted as hell I crawl my way to him. "Aaaah" he said as he put himself in my mouth and instantly cum. I fell being so exhausted ....tired.....weak. Blake collapsed by me. I managed to let out a very soft"happy birthday". "Best birthday ever" he said out of breath. "I'm glad you enjoyed it" I say staring at the ceiling. I could feel movement on the bed showing that he was coming closer to me. He lowered his head and kissed my lips between words. Lets*kiss* take*kiss* a *kiss* bath*kiss*. I giggle a little at his stamina and energy of the night. "O*kiss*k" I mock him. We get up in both sit in the tub, when he starts to rub his foot against my Kitty. "Mmh..Blake we have to get clean" I say still sore from what just happened.
He smiled and bit his lip. In my head I say to myself this is going to be a long night.

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