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Car Sex

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Story owner:@thefinestone

Blake pulled you towards the arena's exit door, wanting to leave desperately. His coach stopped him to talk, and you walked past, not really wanting to listen in on their conversation.He looked over Coach Doc River's shoulder at him, pouting. You knew how horny he had been today. You gave him a sympathetic look and shrugged your shoulders.Blake took a few steps away from Coach Doc, signaling his urgency to leave. 'This boy.' "Coach, I gotta go, maybe you could just call me later or something" Blake held his Nike bag over his obvious erection. "Uh, yeah sure." "Bye" He said, scurrying by the older man. "Don't you want to say by to your teammates." Blake pulled you along. "Do you want to see me suffer any longer?" "A little." "Damn, baby, I'm hurt" he frowned. You walked through the parking lot to his new midnight black, GMC.Blake cared about the car like it was his child. He unlocked the doors and you both climbed in. You could see a tent forming in his pants.He pulled the car out of the Staples Center parking lot, then onto the highway.

Blake concentrated on the rode, driving way over the speed limit. "You better stop or you're going to mess up your car." "I'm a great driver. I just stay concentrated, like I am on the court, best NBA power forward here" He scoffed. 'Cockiness. I can cure that.' You reached over and rubbed his member through his black trousers, feeling the hardness of it. "Mhm" you moaned.Blake shifted in his seat. You loved watching him squirm. "Come on yn, stop I'm driving." "Just concentrate" you chuckled, mischievously. You rubbed it with your palm.Blake bit his lip to hold in the moans. "Now you wanna play the silent treatment huh Mr.NBA?" He didn't answer. You unbuckled his belt, pulled his pants down and took hold his rough shaft. "If you want we'll just have to wait until we get home." Blake glanced over to you for just a second. "Fuck it" he groaned and pulled off onto a random exit.He crept through the abandoned town, looking around. You squeezed his dick in your hand, and swept your thumb over the tip that had formed a bead of white pre-cum. Sweat beaded on his forehead from the sexual frustration. Eventually, Blake pulled into the parking lot behind a small, grocery store. You hopped onto his lap after he put the car in park. You fit perfectly between his body and the wheel of the car. The last thing you needed was to honk the horn. But then again, it was eleven at night and no one would care anyway; you still wanted to play it safe though. "No you have to do something about this" he noted, with a husky voice. You lifted his cock back into your hand as Blake slid off your panties from under your dress.

"This is just a quickie, you're going to get the rest at home" you whispered into his ear as you gave his member a few gentle pumps. A loud groan erupted from his throat. You worked Blake's member in your hand, alternating between rubbing pumping and fondling his balls.His chest began to rise and fall rapidly. You pulled your hand off of him, just as he began to reach his climax. "Maybe we should wait until we get home. You don't want to mess up your leathers seats, right?" you teased.Blake pulled your face back to yours and kissed your viciously. He pulled away a few seconds later, so you could catch your breath. "Does that answer your question?" You nodded, eyes half-closed, and looking at him through your eyelashes. You sunk onto his cock, you moaned as it filled you up fully. "Fuck yn" he groaned deep from his throat.His hips began to thrust up; your hips moved down to meet him. The car rocked with your movements.Blake looked down and watched as your juices wet his thigh, which only turned him on more. He pounded into your tight, wet hole harder and faster with his long girth. "Blake!" you shouted in ecstasy. You clenched around his length as he gushed a large load of his cum inside of you.He stay inside your dripping entrance for a few seconds, before he pulled out. You sat back down on your side of the car, still focused on trying to catch your breath.

Originally a Dwight Howard Fanfiction.

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