I'm so proud of you

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I sit courtside at the game, the game they had to win or they would be out of the playoffs.

"Come on babe you can do it" I whisper to myself as he checks back in from the bench with 5 fouls one more and he is done.

I watch the game eagerly, they lead in the beginning but were losing in the 4th fucking quarter. I cringe at the sound of the announcer. "And that will be a foul on Griffin, that's his 6th personal his out!!!" The crowd goes crazy and I fell my stomach turn at the thought of them being eliminated. I watch as Blake walks back to the bench, I know his upset I look at him and wait for his eyes to meet mine. Once he took his head out of his hands he looked at me, and I mouthed the words... "Its okay " he smiled a little and put his head back down. Seconds ticked away and I came to the conclusion their going to lose. I start to get teary at the fact that Blake worked so hard they all did. The buzzer goes off, the crowd is silent okc advances and the clippers are out of the playoffs. Blake doesn't look up again he and teammates just walk into the locker room. I sit there while everyone is getting up and leaving and think to myself what am I going to say to this man, I know he is upset so am I but words can't explain the feeling. I check social media while waiting for Blake, clippersnation was pissed, okc fans were hysterical .. I just got off I couldn't take the comments. In the corner of my eye I see Blake after waiting at least a hour. I embraced him with a hug, he squeezed me tighter then ever before. He kissed my cheek then my lips, looked me in my eyes and said softly " lets just go home". I nodded then smiled "OK " I said under my breath. The car ride was silent Miguel was playing. I take my eyes off the rode to look over at him and he is staring out the window, my poor baby. We finally get home after the car ride that seemed to take years. He goes straight upstairs, I ask him something before he makes it to the top. "Are you Hungry I can cook?" I questioned although I know he wasn't it doesn't hurt to ask. A very disappointing "No" escaped his lips. I hear the shower turn on, he is more upset then I've ever seen him. While he's in the shower I decide to clean. I go into the other restroom and take a shower myself, once I got out wearing a old oklahoma t-shirt of his I seen blake sitting on the bed, I sit beside him. "Want a massage" I say joyful trying to cheer him up. He smiled and chuckled a little"that would be nice" he said while turning around laying ln his stomach. I sit on his lower back to be able to reach all of his toned back and start to massage. "Mmmhhhh, babe that feels good" he mumbles into the pillow. I smile at the fact that I could do something to up lift his spirits of such a tragic night for him. " I'm glad it does you deserve it you played great tonight" I say just putting facts out there. "If I played great we would have won" he replied ashamed. I stopped rubbing his back surprised at what he said" hey don't say that, you played great you all did, you all improved since last season, and got furthest in franchise history--" i stop talking because blake turned around while I was still on top of him so now I'm sitting on his lower torso. "Keep talking" Blake smiled at me. "And, and I'm proud of you" I put my hand on his cheek. Blake sits up. "How proud are you of me?" he kisses my lips. "Mmh how proud babe?" We kiss what seemed like the most passionate kiss he pulls away slowly and looks in my eyes" I love you"*kiss*" so much" I kiss him forcefully after he said that, that was my way of saying I love you too.

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