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The Bet (part 1)

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Story owner:blvkesworld.tumblr.com

"You couldn't go one day without sex."

You said while trying to get away from Blake.

He lets go of you and kisses his teeth.

"Yes I could.You couldn't go a day without sex,you're the one whose always begging for it.",you glare at him with your arms crossed

"Yeah because I'm the one who dragged you to the bathroom to get a little quicky in at the restaurant."

He stands up from the couch

"You know what?I bet you that you'll give it up by tomorrow night." He says while extending his arm out so that you can shake his hand.

You stand up and shake his hand

"Oh this is going to be good,you'll give it up before I do,you can't keep your dick in your pants." You say with a smirk and he returns the same look.

"What do I get out of this?" You ask

"I'll buy you and Amber tickets to go see Chris Brown." You stare at him for a while with your eyebrow raised.

"And I'll get you girls VIP Backstage passes."

"That's more like it." you smile and try to get your hand loose from his but his grip tightens

"And what do I get?"

"Umm..I don't know.What do you want?"

He smirks

"A foot massage every night for a whole month."

"Ew Hell No Blake!Nope nope nope nope."

"Well I guess you won't be going to see Chris Brown." He lets go of your hand and starts to walk into the kitchen.

"Okay okay fine I'll do it." you say while sighing

He turns on his heels and smiles showing his deep dimples.

"Ok the game starts tomorrow."

"Why tomorrow?" you ask

"Because I need to get it in one more time before I start this bet because me and you both know we wouldn't last if we start right now."

"He's right." you thought to yourself

Before you know it,he tackles you onto the floor causing you to giggle..

-Next Day-

You wake up in your bed,not suprised that Blake carried you from the livingroom to the bedroom from last nights event.You sit up,stretch,and look behind you to see that Blake is not in the bed.You get out of bed and throw on an oversized T-shirt.

You spot Blake sitting on the couch with no shirt on.You walk over to the couch and sit next to him and see that he has water droplets going down his torso.He looks over at you and smiles

"Good morning babe." He says with his voice still a little raspy

"Good morning.." you say a little mesmerized by his sexiness

You knew what he was doing,he's already trying to get you in his little trap but you're not falling for it.You shake your head and get up to go upstairs and take a shower.

"Where are you going?"

"Upstairs to take a shower."you say while dashing up the stairs.


After you get out the shower,you already had in mind what you're going to do to make Blake give it up.You lotion yourself with your favorite lotion called "Sweet Cinnamon",it usually drives Blake crazy when you wear it.

You put on your purple lace underwear and bra,and you put on some pajama booty shorts and a spaghetti strap on.Right after you comb your hair out and throw it in a pony tail you spritz yourself with "Sweet Cinnamon" spray and head downstairs.

Blake is still on the couch watching tv,probably waiting for you.You walk behind the couch and put your hands on his shoulder slowly moving them down his chest and his abs.You kiss behind his ear and whisper

"Baby,I'm so bored.How about we watch a movie?"

He bites his lip and tilts his head back to look at you.You both kiss and he pulls away with a smirk.

"Mmm you're good,but you're not that good.", he says.

"Go ahead and pick out a movie."

You strut sexily towards the t.v, bend over,and reach inside the drawer to grab a couple movies,letting Blake get a good view of your ass.From the corner of your eye,you can see Blake licking his lips.

Once you stand up and turn around Blake turns his head pretending as if he wasn't looking.You set the movies on the table.

"Which movie do you want to watch?"

He thinks for a while before picking "Ted".You put the movie in and sit back down.

About an hour or 2 into the movie you felt Blake rub his hand up and down your thigh but you push his hand away.He puts his hand back on your thigh and you try to push it away again but this time he grabs both of your hands in one hand.

"Stop Blake,that's..cheating!" you say trying to get out of his grip

"Technically it's only cheating if we actually have sex.This isn't sex,it's foreplay."

He kisses you while untying the string on your pajama shorts.He slightly pulls your shorts down revealing your lace panties.

"Shit." he curses under his breath

"What's wrong?" you ask trying to be innocent

He pins your heads above your head and bring his mouth close to your ear.

His hot breath against your ear makes you wet.

"You want to know what's wrong?I want to fuck you so bad right now,but I know that I can't because of this bet.I promise you I will win this bet and by

the end of the night,that pussy will be mine."

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